It’s time for a Preventative War

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

We have scarcely been let out of the cage of the Scamdemic, when people are wondering what will they hatch for us next.

This world wide tragedy is surely the greatest crime every committed since Cain slew Abel. And those behind it are surely the offspring of Cain.

Many simply tried to survive this great maniacal fraud.

But I prefer to be proactive, and make a point to shift the psychological war onto their terrain.

That is why, I can look back on the past 3 years with personal pride, for having criminally denounced 28 police officers, and in the next few months, adding another 8-10 to that score card.

I shall never forget, however, the suffering of humanity.

But if you did not fight like I did during the Scamdemic, you can fight like me now after the Scamdemic.

Take the psychological war onto their terrain. Remember! They faulted us for 2 years, for something which did not exist.

How much, then, do we not have the right and duty to FAULT THEM FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES for what they did to us.

Only in this way can we hope to reshape public morality so that it never happens again.

So the next time you see a policeman, politician, public official, store owner/manager, store employees, say, “I will never forget how you eagerly took part in the most vicious psychological abuse of myself and my fellow citizens during the Scamdemic!”

And for maximum psychological effect, say it without any emotion or passion in your voice, and with a facial expression of dismay. Communicate that they need to be rebuked for this and it is nothing extraordinary to say so.

Certainly don’t let them keep the mantra of the Virus going. Speak out. Better to risk something alive, than live as one who is dead.

And though in many countries you will not be risking anything by such an approach, you are psychologically destroying any future capability of the person you are talking to, of participating in another similar Scam in the future.

This is called pro-active psychological conditioning. — A more modern name would be, Preventative Warfare.

It is was our forefathers called, “rebuking the sinner”.

We need a lot more of that, because so many live as if they had no conscience at all.

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13 thoughts on “It’s time for a Preventative War”

  1. Very good advice Brother Alexis and much credit to you for your role in exposing the scam of covid 19 over the last two years. I am certain you saved many lives by deterring people from taking the death vaxx.

    No war has ever been won defensively . Those who believe in the kingship of Jesus Christ and his only Church must go on the attack against the masons and the globalists.

    This means at the very least educating others that a war is being waged against humanity that aims to reduce the worlds population by 90%, and enslave the rest as biological robots. Every political move made by the leaders of this world from now on is done with the above intentions.

  2. “They will rise against the beast and they will fall.”

    “… and their bones will be laid out in the streets … the wicked were rejoicing and exchanging gifts …”

    “… then a sign from the heavens opened and the dead rose up with their bodies …”
    “… then a voice from the heavens said ‘Come!’ and they were raised up …”

    “… the world trembled with fear …”

    Trying to remember lines from the book of Revelations regarding to what will happen to the just for fighting this beast called Scamdemic and One World Religion.

    By showing resistance now, we are promised a great kingdom in the world to come.

    By bowing to the beast to the slightest will make us part of the perpetrators of murdering the just. Oh how awful would that day be when the Lord says ‘Come!’ to those who are just while His Just Wrath will crush the rest like grapes!

  3. Deo gratias for all your dedicated & persevering work over the past 2.5+ years, Brother Alexis, since the scamdemic lockdowns commenced. I will never, ever, forgive the Church hierarchy for shutting all our places of worship for nearly 3 months and denying us all the Sacraments just at the very time we needed them most! I had just recovered from an extended period of depression and mourning following the death of my spouse for over four decades, Edith, when the ‘scamdemic’ was made public here in the UK. Our nefarious Bishops’ Conference[s] shut the churches 2 days before HM Government’s “public order” came into force!! So, yes indeed, “admonishing sinners” is a Spiritual Work of Mercy that we must all act upon, also “giving counsel to the doubtful”, “instructing the ignorant”, “comforting the afflicted”, “bearing patiently the troublesome” [there are many of them…], plus “forgiving offences” [not including our hierarchies…!!] and, last but not least, “praying for the living and the dead”. Pax vobiscum.

  4. Prayers always Br. Alexis…Been thinking about you kindly and sending blessings of the Holy Spirit and our most Immaculate Lady your way. Loaning you my Guardian Angel if it’s needed to reinforce your own. Of course, we all must act where possible to return the blessings of liberty and justice. The crowd of evil we fight don’t give ANYTHING…WE MUST TAKE IT IN THE NAME OF JESUS.

      1. If you pray to God He will send His angels to hedge you about and protect you from evil. Not sure you should be swapping them around like garden tools. I can’t think of any Biblical scripture that puts us in control of God’s angels. If you can quote me one, I will stand corrected.

  5. Oh boy did I fight! Fought with the guards on the doors everywhere, used every trick in the book, stood my ground, never wore a mask. If forced and I couldn’t avoid, my favourite sign -in was L. M. Muffet, 1 Spiders Lane, Curdswold.

    I even broke into the hospital several times under cover of darkness (yes, really,) to visit my severely ill husband and take him fresh food, water and pyjamas!

    The fight is not over. Your tips are great! Thanks!
    Onward everyone!


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