Map of the Italian Parliamentary Elections Result

Editor’s Note: Yes, in a modern democracy, all that blue = only 54% of the seats in Parliament. You see the problem? — But the colors are wrong, since the “Right Wing Coalition” is lead by an Aspen Club member (Meloni), her Mafia patron (Berlusconi), a pro-Technocrat socialist posing as a populist (Salvini) and other socialists. They are the right side of left, which is why Meloni loves posing behind the Red side of the Italian Flag.

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One thought on “Map of the Italian Parliamentary Elections Result”

  1. This is a joke. After reading Abp Vigano’s statement today…It’s not really fascism she’s aligned with. She’s an agent of the Totalitarian Technocracy under the Rockefellers and she isn’t a KNOWN DEFECTOR. She can talk the talk of Freedom and the Constitutional Republic…She just WON’T walk the walk. That is the hallmark of the Globalist Neo-Feudalist Propaganda on ALL SIDES OF THE POLITICAL AGENDA. Regardless of who ‘The People’ vote for…Policy will STAY THE SAME.

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