Bergoglian Synod Account pushes Homo Art as new concept of Church

Here is the official Vatican tweet:

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4 thoughts on “Bergoglian Synod Account pushes Homo Art as new concept of Church”

  1. If a picture has to have words written all over it to get its message across, it’s BAD art — [YUK. BARF.]
    It’s merely propaganda, and clumsy propaganda at that. (The USSR- era “worker’s paradise” posters did it so much better in the slick “Internationale” style.)
    These images is so garish it’s an insult to childhood to even call them “childish”.

  2. 😝🤢🤮Can’t imagine being in the middle of all the Rennaissance Art and Architecture of Italy and choosing to appropriate this garbage for any purpose. Do all folks from Argentina love the spiritual stagnation and bankrupt immaturity of this apostate ‘Nut Job’ who LEADS the flock to mortal sin?

    1. Robbi, it was one of the worst days of my homeland, Italy, that day that this Pachamama idol, placed his big feet on its soil…even before he was ‘seated’ at the Vatican. This argentinian (purposely in lower case) pampero/tangero/dictator has been the actual ruin of Italy, for the past 15 years!! The politicians on left have ‘aided’ him with his plan to demolish not just the Catholic Church, but the Country that he is usurping, as well. May the Lord send him, them, and all that have done this evil, to the place of no return! And asap!

      1. Dovresti sapere che alcuni in Argentina considerano l’uomo che hai menzionato un “jettatore” sicuro di portare con sé una notevole quantità di “mufa” – corri, corri, il peggio della sfortuna deve ancora venire! Tocca sempre il legno!!! 😁

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