Meloni names Vicious pro-DeathMasker, pro-DeathVaxxer, pro-Scamdemic Minister of Health



Among the quotables of the new Health-Minister-to-be, Licia Ronzulli:

“He who is not vaccinated is a parasite”

“Suspend immediately all Channels which is against the Vaccine”

I am disgusted that the no-Vaxxers voted for me

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4 thoughts on “Meloni names Vicious pro-DeathMasker, pro-DeathVaxxer, pro-Scamdemic Minister of Health”

  1. She’s making it very clear to the Italians that she wasn’t the right choice.
    They better had voted for Cicciolina if they wanted a prety looking girl doing their business.
    Now they are screwed.

    1. On the bright side, Italians change governments more frequently than the rich change their leased electric cars. Its a coalition government, so the quicker they start squabbling amongst each other, the better– they can get rid of her quicker than other countries with “voter’s regret.” 🙂

      1. Well, since they do not have to call elections to form new governments, they might be squabbling for 5 more years. Its a horror. There is no democracy left in Italy. We are under a globalist dictatorship.

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