One thought on “With Jesuitically precise speculation, Remnant Newspaper moves toward ‘Francis is not the Pope’ camp”

  1. No, he hasn’t moved to the “Bergoglio is not the pope” camp. He’s made a good case that it might be so, and stops there.
    Quote from Robert Morrison:
    “Thus, even among those of us who are not sedevacantist, many would be surprised if the Church did not eventually declare that Francis was not the pope.”
    Robert Morrison appears to think that 1) B16 resigned, and 2) Bergoglio is Pope,–BUT he woudn’t be surprised if Bergoglio was eventually declared an anti-pope. (a masterly use of the passive voice. )

    Mr Morrison knows that Bergoglio has committed heresy; but cognitive dissonance prevents him recognising that this automatically excommunicated Bergoglio, and so disqualified him from remaining Pope.

    Morrison has not apparently examined the case that B16’s “declaratio” was not a resignation, and that he is still Pope in an impeded see.
    He’ll get there eventually — keep praying for him and urging him to read Acosta’s and Cionci’s books.
    “You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free”== –but it might make you very uncomfortable, first. . . .

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