Editor’s Note: BlackRock is the notorious Capital Fund which controls about 1/5 of all wealth on Earth. Run by the Rothschilds, this investment Fund was behind the entire Scamdemic and DeathVaxxing program, a maniacal mass genocide program designed to rid the Earth of as many useless-eaters like us as possible. The Bank of England just purchased $65 Billion in securities to save a number of investment funds, first of which was BlackRock. We have just witness the BIGGEST BANK ROBBERY IN HISTORY, with total impunity.

What should be the ominous take away, from this news, is this: that if the Rothschilds have dumped British Government Debt, that means that they intend to bungee-cord the British Pound to historic lows, so that they can come back and buy up the United Kingdom for pence on the pound. If this assessment of risk is sound, then if you own pounds sterling, you should convert it as soon as possible to U. S. Dollars or some other stable currency outside of Europe, since, as we have seen, the Globalists are preparing a European War to achieve their goals of depopulating Christendom, destroying European demographics, and opening the door for Chinese & Arab colonization.

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  1. if Black Rock has gone bust is it an indication in your opinion that the genocide program has failed for good? that the 2 billion dead figure is out of the question now?

    on a side note, Visa appointment wait time for Chinese to get into USA – is 2 days! for Indians 850 days!

  2. One should not be shocked by what is going on with the economic news anymore thanks to the shows on The Bank For International Settlements that OMC Radio TV has done. For this to have happened, The Bank Of England and all board members of the BIS had to have a call & vote, with the majority passing and supporting this. Protecting & Saving BlackRock is what the BIS does throughout it’s history & it’s their goal to get us onto 1 system of currency that is also digital & can be controlled.

    So, with the news today of the Euro falling, it is also in their plans that they themselves can bump it up and save it when it is called for, don’t forget these same bankers sent millions to their death. No, the genocide program has not failed.

    Please watch all our programs on The Bank For International Settlements

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