Dott. Nunzia Alessandra Schilirò expelled from the Carabinieri for citing the Italian Constitution

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I covered the heroic statements and vicious persecution of this member of the Carabinieri, the Italian National Military Police, when last year, in November, she spoke against the violation of Italians’ civil rights, often by the police themselves, this, during a political rally. She called the Green Pass, “unconstitutional”, which it most certain was (Here). She explained her position Here, doing her duty as a Carabinieri to uphold the rule of law. And she responded to the accusations first made against here, here.

The reaction of the Government of Mario Draghi was swift, with suspension and 3 disciplinary cases opened against her.

In all, four more cases were brought against her.

In the resolution of the 5th case, she was punished with expulsion from the Carabinieri.  The first ever to be expelled for citing the Constitution of the Republic.

Here are her personal statements, given yesterday evening here in Italy:

She points out that while other carabinieri have been publicly denounced as having dishonored the armed force, but remain in their jobs, she who upheld the rule of law and the Constitution, was fired. She declares herself to be proud for what she has done, for defending the Italian Constitution and the rights of citizens. She has bright hopes for the future, but does not expect the MSM to cover her case.

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One thought on “Dott. Nunzia Alessandra Schilirò expelled from the Carabinieri for citing the Italian Constitution”

  1. Doing all possible to do away with the Constitutions of the Republics of the west based in Representative Democracy. Clearly have other options now being considered. The Globalist practice of Bipolar or ‘Double Policy’ claiming one set of priorities while clinging to the Globalist Agenda is obviously going to take a more transparent path under the new P.M. without Representatives like this woman to support the citizens’ Constitutional Rights and the Constitution, itself.

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