The Government of Giorgia Meloni is nothing but Berlusconi’s Female Squad

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The other day, AJ Baalman and I discussed on Ordo Militaris Radio TV who Giorgia Meloni really was and is. And in that report we pointed out that she began her career as a member of Berglusconi’s political party.

Shock broke out soon after the declared victory of the Fratelli d’Italia, when Meloni named Licia Renzulli as Ministery of Health: the woman who said, “Those who refuse the Covid Vaccine are parasites”!

Well, it turns out that Renzulli was guilty of psychological projection, because this is what she really is:

Her previous job, was to organize the female escorts for Berlusconi’s lewd parties.

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3 thoughts on “The Government of Giorgia Meloni is nothing but Berlusconi’s Female Squad”

  1. Wow…nice find, too bad the majority of those who “voted” for her didn’t discover this before election. I knew she was bad news, same coin just a different side.

  2. G. Meloni’s government is still not formed…
    I remember when Giorgia said:
    “The Freemasons gave us NO space.”
    (No freemason will recognize that do exists
    a power lobby of freemasons, escept the
    mad-gay Alessandro Cecchi Paone).

    Putting Ronzulli in that position will cost
    Her a lot of electors in the future.
    I don’t want to judge Meloni’s government
    Before it’s formation.
    In my opinion it will be a scapegoat government,
    that will suffer the Italian default, a lot of turmoil, strikes and savage protests, with military repression and the return to the former currency Lira.
    I would like to give Her some credit… as I gave to Bergoglio in 2013. Then there was the lighting over Vatican cupola. The freed white dove that was immediatly eaten by a seagull and a cornacchia-crow. Then J.B. said that He admired the abortionist paladin Bonino and the banker Mario Monti…
    He began to smell to me as rotten things.

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