3 thoughts on “The Greek Current: Turkish Leader is mimicking Putin by increasingly threatening Greece”

  1. It’s like a street riot on an international level. Citizens normally law-abiding suddenly start breaking plate-glass windows and grabbing TVs because everyone else is, and the police can’t handle a mob all doing this.
    Turkey grabs north Cypress, Russia grabs Crimea, and they get away with it; so Now Russia’s attempting Ukraine, and is thinking of Moldiva; Turkey eyes Greece, China licks its lips over the Kurille islands, Taiwan, and perhaps the Philippines. If they all move at the same time, they know they’ll probably get away with it.

  2. The world was FAR more peaceful just one year and 10 months ago. THIS chaos was expected and planned to occur during the Clinton Steal of the Oval. Some continue to hate Trump and say he did nothing when the fact is…THIS SHIEST DID NOT HAPPEN with him in Office.

  3. The war between Turkey and Greece was seen
    and predicted by an orthodox monk, brother
    St. Paisios from the Mount Athos (“the elder athonite”)-

    A support from Russia to Turkey will be needed
    in order to prevent the nuclear defense of Greece.
    Russia could obtain the long-sought “Barayktar”
    drones, that were so efficient in destroying
    russian armored vehicles and tanks in Ukraine.



    There is one Church of Christ, and belongs to all those
    that follow the true teachings of the Son of God.

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