Twitter introduces a new NANNY Censoring Algorithm

Editor’s Note: I cannot say when it was implemented, but I was just informed of its presence. When you tweet a reply which defends the Catholic Faith, the Nanny censor pops up and warns you to think twice! — You can’t make this stuff up. I guess they had to implement this to prevent some woke Twitter editor from having a nervous breakdown reading something which would actually be true.

CONTEXT: The tweet was a reply to this tweet:

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4 thoughts on “Twitter introduces a new NANNY Censoring Algorithm”

  1. I dont suppose that the gay community recalls how everyone back in the 70s and 80s were coming out as gay and out of nowhere Aids hit like gangbusters. How many died ..who knows ? The cities of Sodom and Gomorah lie buried under the DeadSea. Those who dont learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them, as the old saying goes. Florida just got a walloping destructive hurricane…the pictures on the tv news are gut wrenching. Disney Orlando came out this past year… .

    1. The Justice of God, for whose who do not repent and beseech Him through the Blood of His Son, is inexorable and inescapable and horrific…

  2. We’re NOT in Kansas anymore. Don’t know when we chose to hell. Hope you’re doing alright. Praying for you and your healing from the deplorable and reprehensible evil put upon you recently, Br. Alexis.

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