U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s plans to censor Social Media leaked

Pope Benedict XVI’s call for Help: a 15 minute history of events from 2013-2022


This is a brief review of 9 years of events, from Feb. 11, 2013 to Oct. 30, 2022, which shows how Pope Benedict XVI has been calling for help to the Catholic World and how it has taken 9 years for us to hear his appeal and respond, as well as the recent stunning developments here in Italy, culminating in the formation of the Committee for the Liberation of Pope Benedict XVI.

To read more about the Committee’s objectives and methods with associated links, click here.

To petition the Bishops of the Ecclesiastical Province of Rome to call a Council to restore pope Benedict XVI, click here.

To support, the Committee for the Liberation of Pope Benedict XVI:

The DeathWave has begun, God have mercy upon these poor souls!

Editor’s Note: Since June of 2021, when I published my video warning the world of the massive wave of death which would be induced by the Covid-19 Vaccines, I have been often asked, “But where are all the dead?” — Those who ask this no longer are heard, perhaps because they too have succumbed. But we cannot fail to acknowledge that innocents are dying in massive numbers. In Italy alone, there have been 580000 sudden medical incidents which doctors refuse to explain, and this in 2022’s first 8 months alone. The media and governments of the world will not speak of this, because every death is evidence that they are guilty of the greatest crime in the history of humanity. — This video is shared here, therefore, not to gloat over who was right or who was wrong, but to solemnly remember these poor victims of the Globalist plot against humanity.

Twitter under Elon Musk continues to spread Covid Misinformation

An example of a scientifically based tweet, Marked as dangerous by Twitter as of Saturday, 6 PM, Rome Time, Oct. 29, 2022:

If you click the “Stay informed” link, you get this false, outdated information which has only the Globalist Narrative as its source. With the information which has been published by scientists and doctors, one could sue Twitter — if courts were honest — for spreading medical misinformation:


Dr. Ardis: How the Covid-19 “Vaccine” was designed to make you sick and die

Take-aways: Italian doctors have found 36 different kinds of artificial animal venom, 20 of which are from reptiles, in those who have been DeathVaxxed. This study is unknown in Italy.

Here is the link to that study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8772524/

CONNECT THE DOTS: What is not said but implied in this presentation, is that there now exists methods for the mass industrial production of artificial venoms in powdered form. That means that the Globalists can spray the atmosphere with them to kill off populations in specific geographical regions, if and when they want to. This adds a whole new level of concern about the threats of Chemtrails.