3 thoughts on “Are the Rothschilds behind World War III?”

  1. 1871, Luciferian Freemasonic Guru – Albert Pike -called for Three World Wars in his infamous letter.
    The Freemasons are obedient to their evil announcements, and thus as predictable as their Hell.

    Can anyone deny that today “Satan reigns in the Vatican” just as in 1917 the Freemasons in Rome promised? It would be surprising if they do not launch WW3… They obediently orchestrated the other 2 already.

    In anycase, the Icecap that is melting will have a similar effect over the next 10 to 30 years.

    After the Freemasonic Destruction of the Planet’s ecological systems: via 2 world wars, over 2000 Hiroshima bomb experiments under the sea and in the desserts, and petrol pollution … Their thinking is “what’s a few more bombs? We already killed the oceans. Who is going to stop us?”

    If this is not the predicted End Times, why did Our Lady give so many warnings? Akita 1970s completing the undisclosed aspects of Fatima…

    Time to Pray, and remain watchful: Eternal Life calls us all to Martyrdom behind PPBXVI : “the Martyr Pope” for Cardinal Sarah. We were all born to achieve eternal life: nothing new under the sun. Satan’s Freemasons want us all concerned only about Terrestial Life. Their Anti-Pope Bergoglio included. What a joke. They are Entirely Responsible for the accelerated Human and Ecological Devastation since 1789, and the religious persecution of Catholics since the 16th century.
    Blessings to All FromRome.Info readers.

    1. The ice cap is not melting. If anything, it is expanding. The sun is putting out less energy, and will do for the next 20 years.

  2. Thank-you for this encyclopaedical treasury. Haven’t managed to consume all, but will do so. So enlightening…Is too bad the alternative sources aren’t readily taught. Is it any wonder so many people in the world consider the U.S. shallow, unsubstantial and vain, not to mention ARROGANT and so many REFUSE to open their minds EVEN to the truth of the POISONS the Corporatist/Banker Mafia known as the Freemasons have implemented to genocide the world? The Greatest Generation may have been hoodwinked to sacrifice and War and return home to be haunted for whole lifetimes, but THEY WERE COURAGEOUS AND MUCH MORE FAITHFUL TO GOD…At least in my community and family. If anything, their faith in God…That of the common person has been what’s BLESSED the U.S. and kept her safe. Don’t know the reason I am so weighted by some kind of knowing of that BLESSING BEING REMOVED, at least for a time. Am still NOT sold on Hitler’s magnanimity or Putin’s. The missiles going into Apt. buildings to murder babies, women and old people are NOT THE ACT OF A MORAL HUMAN BEING just as raping a Br. as a man of God is NOT THE ACT OF A MORAL HUMAN BEING. Praying for the whole world in First Sat. Devotions…More and more people are doing so. Need MANY MORE YET.

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