Giorgia Meloni’s Father was a drug-trafficker

Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The truth about Giorgia Meloni is coming out day after day. She poses in front of cameras as pro-Christian, pro-Italian, pro-Family, anti-EU, anti-WEF.

The reality is that she is a member of the Aspen Club, whose members include the WEF top brass and by whose agreement she was allowed to ascend to power.

She is also the former employee of Silvio Berlusconi, infamous in Italy for his parties with 16yr old girls.

Meloni’s nominee for Minister of Health is Silvia Renzulli, whose duty it was, on at least one occasion, to organize these escorts to stay the night at Berlusconi’s villa, unpaid to-boot. — Perhaps to avoid the charge of trafficking in sex slaves. So in this case it would be unfair to call Renzulli a pimp, but some might still.

The irony of Renzulli is this, that she calls those who refuse to let themselves be forcibly injected with an untested mRNA therapy, “parasites”.  By any moral measure, based on objective ethics, I think she is projecting her condition on others.

But that is not all.

But now the Spanish Press have dumped a cart-load of facts on Meloni

It turns out, also, that Giorgia Meloni’s Father, Francesco Meloni, was a drug-trafficker. He was arrested at Mahon, on Minorca, in Spanish waters, on a sail-boat, in possession of 1500 Kgs of hashish in 1995.

Hashish is the product the CIA exports from Afghanistan to fund its operations in Europe. It is distributed by the Sicilian Mafia, which is allowed to import it to the USA. The CIA cut on the trafficking, some say 10% of the profits, was laundered through the Vatican Bank until the time of Pope Benedict XVI. I believe Benedict discovered this and attempted to stop it, and that is one reason Hilary Clinton moved against him. The Clintons participated knowingly in the drug smuggling run by the CIA from Latin America to Arkansas, while he was governor and president. So there may be a tie here between Bergoglio and Meloni.  The family Bergoglio is actually a distant branch of the Meloni family, from the town of Bergoglio, in Piedmonte. So they also may be distant cousins.

And I think it is safe to infer, that one does not traffic in such quantities without being a member of the Mafia themselves. An especially trusted member, considering the quantity of product Mr. Meloni was found in the presence of.

Five years before this arrest, Giorgia joined and became the National Youth Leader of the Italian Fascist Movement. the year after, she ran as a candidate in Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Nova party.

Giorgia Meloni has quite a pedigree to be sure. But certainly not one worthy of the Italian people or of the praise of any pro-family conservative, in the English speaking world!

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6 thoughts on “Giorgia Meloni’s Father was a drug-trafficker”

  1. I am a retired teacher of troubled adults (ex convicts trying to go straight, welfare mothers trying to get off welfare).
    I often found that those who were most motivated to learn new job skills for honest work were those whose parents were involved with drugs (big-time or small time) were the most grimly determined not to be like them.
    Meloni may or may not be like her father.
    It is early days yet; she may not be as dire as you paint her.
    We have the duty to pray for public officials, so I am.

  2. If a father is a drugtrafficker, allegedly, this does not say that a child of this father is one too……
    In the Netherlands the couple Rost van Tonningen was known
    at the time as a nazi-couple: one of their children suffered a lot
    because of the choices his parents made, and he was /is absolutely no nazi.

    While in secondary school, I once had to give a speech in front of the class about a self chosen subject. Our father suggested then to speak about governor Willem Kieft, the predecessor at the time of Peter Stuyvesant and the brother of a grand-maternal ancestor: Kieft. Our paternal grandmother’s name was Kieft.
    This Willem Kieft appeared to have been a cruel, disgusting person. But that does not make us as bad as he allegedly was…..

    1. What you say is true, but since Berlusconi was enriched and empowered by Craxi, who Italians consider to be one of the most mafia aligned corrupt politicians in modern Italian history, that Meloni would turn to Berlusconi does not really cause one to think as you do.

      1. Before I wrote that neither draghi or berlusconi would be my choice, but sometimes one has to choose between two evils:
        then the only solution is to pick the lesser of the 2 evils.

  3. Considering the fact of the cancellation of this Outlet’s Associate, A.J. Baalman, from Twitter after reporting facts about this female subject; it became far more clear of there being questionable and deceptive behaviors involved in this whole election victory. The proof will be in the pudding… But, for now there is great suspicion since we’re all fully aware of the absolute evil the rapacious Neo-Feudal Technocrats are capable of.

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