Head of Bergoglian Synod Process: Let’s trust the pervert prophets at our Synods

Editor’s Note: This news was couched in so much double speak and disinformation, that I had to contextualize it by translating it according to its Catholic equivalent, seeing that two synods, the Dutch and German just called for sacramental recognition of sodomitic perversions, while silencing the Catholics who spoke out against this agenda at the very Synods which were called. So who are they listening to? And what does Msgr. Grech really mean. I think I have interpreted his intention correctly, thus with this headline….

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6 thoughts on “Head of Bergoglian Synod Process: Let’s trust the pervert prophets at our Synods”

  1. As the mother of a “gay” son I in no way want this condoned or normalized for him.
    Some say…my goodness! He’s your son! How could you not show “love” and “compassion” for him?
    But it is precisely out of my deep deep love for my son, my concern for his eternal soul!

    Have Catholics forgotten all about this? Is concern for souls and where they spend ALL of ETERNITY no longer tenant of Catholicism? Does the Church no longer love “gay” people enough to pray for them? To spare them?

    And yes this disgusting article is full of doublespeak. Remember what Scripture says about being double-minded.

    1. Such a great parent…We know God will hold them accountable and we do want their eternity in heaven with God. Will NEVER comprehend the parents NOT accepting the fact of our merciful God ALSO BEING ONE OF JUSTICE or the fact of the process of childhood passing into adulthood at around age 13 when we’re all held accountable. Praying for you.

  2. I believe theres no such thing as the word “gay” except in pseudo English ” slang ” language.If you accept true God given truth in Words you should say, for instance, ” My son practices the sin of Sodomy, but,he wasnt born that way. He somehow bought the narrative of the all pervasive world wide media propaganda machine which never brings Gods plan of human sexuality into the pictures planted into his brain. That picture would have to make him think differently, which would have to make him live differently. Humanae Vitae , rise and shine, PLEASE.

    1. That’s the inference I was making by putting the word in quotations.
      I do not acknowledge the word.

  3. The STENCH of the heresy of Idolatry is beyond chicken manure being spread on a hot day in my neighbor’s field with the gentle breeze blowing in my direction. OURS IS THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST, not human beings and Jesus Christ defines wrong from right and this is WRONG.

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