Ukrainian Soldiers preparing for Battle

Editor’s Note: Here are the brave Christians defending family, homeland and Church, who are hated by all the fake conservatives in the west, who want more than anything else, this Christian nation exterminated.

Here are other Ukrainian heroes, who having captured a Russian Federation vehicle marked with the Z (for victory over Ukraine), paint it over and add the Cross of Jesus Christ (for victory over satanic globalism):

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4 thoughts on “Ukrainian Soldiers preparing for Battle”

  1. “In the Name of the Father … and of the Son … and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

    This is martryrdom.

  2. Prepare for Neutron Bomb explosions.

    In 1999 I traveled to Moscow by airplane,
    I had slept few hours and was aslept.
    When overflying Ukraine’s territories…
    I went in trance and I “saw” dozens of
    explosions as trasparent cupolas.
    I think those were neutron bomb explosions.

    Soldiers must build underground dens in logs
    or wooden planks with 3 meters ground over it. With an access tunnel shaped as a V going to 5 meters deep , the bottom filled with water with
    active carbon to the ceiling of the tunnel. It will block any fireball arriving to the entrance,
    and also chemical weapons and radioactive dust.
    Send younger soldiers to central Europe, in order to defend Slovackia. Ucraine will be lost.

  3. Holy Mother of God and St. Michael the Archangel pray for them and Keep Them. HOW DARE THE ‘Warmongers for Profit’ do this to these people…WHO ARE THEY TO DETERMINE WHO IS DISPENSABLE? Hope all the LAUNDERED U.S. Taxpayer $$$ flowing to Secret Armies of NATO used by the WEF/CCP Cabal are worth the TYRANNY.

    Am SO-O-O tired of hearing about the CORRUPTION of Ukraine when Ukraine has NEVER HAD MUCH OF ANYTHING TO BE CORRUPT WITH. We all know the U.S. $$ ARE NOT GOING TO UKRAINE AND THE U.S. IS BY FAR THE MOST CORRUPT NATION IN THE WORLD, THE Corporatist/Banker Mafia inclusive of Freemasons and all the united Secret Societies is the SHADOW GOVT. of the whole west…And, THEY ARE IN CHARGE. Those now in power are its acolytes…The OWNED Prostitute Politicians and Deep State of all the west combined.

    Those in the west supporting the Putin’s of the world…Something tells me God is to bring the SAME KIND OF SUFFERRING ONTO THEM BEFORE ALL IS DONE. Must be very careful what we support in this life; especially when we claim to be of God. Most of the Mafia Cabalists DON’T EVEN PRETEND TO BE OF GOD…And, they will not suffer as those of God supporting evil will.

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