FBI grabs Franciscan Friar for locking down Child-Slaughtering Facility

Editor’s Note: Since my visit to Compostella, it seems open season world wide against Catholic clergy and religious: Cardinal Zen, Pope Benedict XVI, and now Friar Fidelis. — In the USA, locking down an abortuary was, in the last 40 years, only a misdemeanor handled by local authorities. That the FBI has entered the picture shows how the Biden Regime has ratcheted up religious persecution of prolifers in the USA.

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3 thoughts on “FBI grabs Franciscan Friar for locking down Child-Slaughtering Facility”

  1. How the demons celebrate TAKING DOWN a human being consecrated to God… So disgusting it makes me sick to my stomach. Indeed, all must pray for the protection of those living in Holy Orders…As they are especially targeted by evil. The Faithful will continue to suffer and it’s going to become far worse, it seems. Still praying for you, Br. Alexis.

  2. that is the work of resident joe b. .
    probably also in retaliation for the decision of the Supreme Court.

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