Satanic-Altar Bergoglian Bishop of Fatima arrested on pedophilia charges

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4 thoughts on “Satanic-Altar Bergoglian Bishop of Fatima arrested on pedophilia charges”

  1. Only need to watch Church Militant any night of the week to know how prevalent this problem has been. Holy Orders is no doubt difficult, but Church MUST eradicate those predisposed to homosexuality and Pedophilia from its ranks. There is NO excuse to justify it or covering it up which is to ENABLE IT in the Church of Jesus Christ.

  2. Too bad the same thing does not happen in the Netherland, where (politically) highlevel’ individuals are left alone by policechiefs………

    And still in NL: mrs Arib was a highly estimated president of the Dutch Parliament/’Second Chamber’ for several years: last years she was widely expected to get re-elected, but then the wef-members ‘elected’ fraudulently vera bergkamp, a notorious weffer.
    Some time ago mrs Arib was elected President of the commission for the Parliamentary Research of the ‘virus-situation and she had announced that ALL voices would be heard.
    Now suddenly she got accused by bergkamp for unlawful behavior during her parliament-presidency……….
    Apparently mrs Arib is a danger for the wefplans, so she had to be smeared………

  3. Off topic, although………..

    bill genocide has admitted that ‘climate-change’ is wef-fraud:

    shown today on the Dutch site Het andere

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