Vatican Auditor shocked at how Bergoglio’s Cronies squandered entire Peter’s Pence Collection

Editor’s Note: One great disconnect regarding investigations on why Pope Benedict XVI was driven from power is clearly the financial schennanigans at the Vatican before and after. has attempted to outline the issues, but this report adds another key factor, that the Mafia of St. Gallen after siezing power raided the 10 year savings of the Peter’s Pence and squandered it in shaddy and instable investments.  — In other words, their motive was NOT to get Bergoglio elected, but to loot the Vatican at will for their homo-festivities. This is why men without a vocation should never be entrusted with the property of the Church.

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3 thoughts on “Vatican Auditor shocked at how Bergoglio’s Cronies squandered entire Peter’s Pence Collection”

  1. I am so glad that I and many others stopped contributing to Peter’s Pence after we learned Bergoglio funded Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign, and that his people invested in a biopic movie of a sodomite. By time they lost all t hat money on that London office / apartment building, I was happy it wasn’t my money these wastrels squandered.

    Nor do I contribute to any slick Bishops’ charity appeals in the USA or the UK, as Bishops’ Synods cooperate with the Culture of Death”charities” of the WHO in their population reduction programmes around the world.
    God in His infinite wisdom gave the laity the “Power of the Purse” –and if there’s anybody out there so naive as to still be giving these hurling shepherds / shady Bishops money to perpetrate yet more sin and evil, STOP it RIGHT NOW.

  2. Sad fact is that the Church doesn’t require our donations since the ‘Human Trafficking Industry’ financed by LAUNDERED U.S. Taxpayer $$$ is quite profitable for all of the homo-heretics. They have quite the little side hustle for the NGO Charities to get the LAUNDERED $$$ directly from the U.N. to the tune of $40,000.00 per head to the Insurgent and billions to the NGO.

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