A Manifesto for the free Peoples of the Earth — Text and Video

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Why I am redoing my famous video from YouTube entitled, “A Manifesto for the Free Peoples of the Earth”, on my FromRome Info Video Channel, which aired on April 19, 2020, but removed on Sept. 28, 2022.


When in the course of Human existence, it becomes necessary for humanity to break free from injustice and corruption, it has ever been recognized, lauded, and praised, that humans, yearning to be free, have risen up and overthrown their evil overlords.

This is innately recognized as right and necessary, because the honest and innocent man by his very nature has the right to not be oppressed and punished, exploited or swindled.  This is even more true among the societies of men, than in our personal relationships or contracts.

For as Aristotle says, there is no society of men, unless there is a coalition of the many to defend the honest against the wicked. And it cannot be simply to conduct business, or else it is not a state, but a mere social compact.

Since the declaration of the Pandemic in January of 2020, the free peoples of the Earth have been subjected to an intentional plan of extermination, medical experimentation, psychological manipulation, social deprivation, starvation, and a coordinated plan of civil repression and enslavement, all focused on inducing each and every one of us, under the illicit use of governmental force and power, to take injections of substances, called ‘vaccines’, to permanently destroy or alter our natural biological functions at the cellular or genetic levels.

Millions have already been killed during this international Scam. Hundreds of Millions are going to die as a result of these injections. This is without doubt the greatest crime against humanity, in the history of humanity itself!

At Nuremberg, following the Second World War, the Nations of the Earth assembled to put on trial the men who were deemed most responsible for the unspeakable crimes against humanity committed during it. Many were hung, too many light sentences were handed out, and many were not even brought to trial.

Since the outbreak of the Scamdemic in 2020, a grass-roots internationally diverse, spontaneous host of private investigators, experts, doctors, journalists and private citizens began an investigation into this international conspiracy, and the conclusions of that investigation have been corroborated by hundreds of thousands of citizens, doing research on the internet, in archives, in laboratories, and through the testimony of tens of thousands gathered and published on alternative media sites.

The conclusion is clear: that the Globalists have decided to enslave humanity by 2030. Their slogan, “You will own nothing and be happy” is the cover for the establishment of a new, demonic Feudalism, in which no more than 500 Million of us will be allowed to live, and these will serve as genetically re-engineered slaves of the elite of the elite, perhaps some 5000 families, who will own everything, and be able to do whatever they want without regard to any norm of morality or ethics.

This elite has been working towards this goal for more than 100 years and has crafted an intricate, interlocking network of financial, economic, political, religious and social organizations and groups to push an entirely false narrative as a cover for advancing step-by-step to that moment in history in which they could launch their Armageddon against Humanity with impunity, and with the least possible resistance from the unwashed masses of useless-eaters.

This is the War which was launched against Humanity in January 2020. Every other narrative about current events is merely a cover or distraction to keep us from recognizing this.

These Globalists have been convicted in the court of public opinion on the basis of their own deeds and words, without any recourse to theories of collaboration or conspiracy.

For these reasons, the Free Peoples of the Earth must now take decisive coordinated action. We must act and not react, because the time is short, and our genocide has already been put into motion.

Wherefore, WE the Free Peoples of the Earth, to liberate ourselves from the cruel, evil, satanic, malign, misanthropic designs of the Globalists, do declare:

THAT WE ARE FREE FROM THE MOMENT OF OUR EXISTENCE and that no group of men or women, however powerful, rich, influential or cruel, has the right to govern us and expect from us obedience and service.

That injustice by its very intention, make all governments lose their authority.

That all peoples have the right to remove corrupt leaders, classes, elites, groups, and secret societies which militate against the honesty, freedom, independence, good and rights of human persons anywhere at any time.

Therefore, empowered by the Natural Rights due every Human Person, we declare the Globalist Elite to be OUTLAWS, guilty of capital crimes and by every rational and reasonable measure deserving of immediate arrest, detention, trial and condemnation.

We hereby call upon all our fellow brothers and sisters of the Human Race, to rise up against this Global Conspiracy and take whatever actions are necessary to remove from power, ownership and control, anyone who is cooperating with it.

This is our call to rebellion, revolution, and liberty. As a Race we cannot survive, as we have always lived on Earth, without it!


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38 thoughts on “A Manifesto for the free Peoples of the Earth — Text and Video”

  1. If anyone knows where my original video may have been posted in an alternate site, let me know so I can recover it an repost it at FromRome.Info…

      1. No, that is the current one… I mean the old one where I speak as I walk through the streets of Rome during curfew.

    1. Found it – I am not wanting to post it here –

      Published on Apr 18, 2020
      This video is produced by FromRome.Info, a personal apostolate of Br. Alexis Bugnolo

      I cannot remember your social media service and I’ve never had your e-mail – perhaps I can relay it but I don’t trust any of the social media services. I was on your public one and we talked about the lodges battling but I’ve since left that (And I can’t remember the name – looking for it) it was odd for you as my pastor and his wife passed away within days of each other and it was a shock for me so I was odd in DM. Please remind of what the social media service was or help me get you the info.

      1. When you post a comment here, I do not have to publish it, so you need not fear that anyone see the link.

    1. You can repost wherever you like, it is just that I have closed down the FromRome.Info telegram channel because of the bot flood that cam through it.

      1. Excuse my ignorance, are you a Catholic monk? If so, would you be able to explain to me why the Pope mandated all Catholics to take the injections? He compared not taking them to commiting suicide? Or smth similar, I think?

      2. Because the CIA drove out Benedict XVI and installed a puppet, known as Pope Francis. He is not our Pope, he was uncanonically elected. FromRome.Info follows this news, and see our header links for all the information.

  2. Hello Brother,

    In your old video you said that the restriction measures would be justified in case of a real pandemic. Is this correct? How can you affect an individual following a generalization? Is this not analogous to track individuals of the race that commits most of the crime just because they belong to that race? Even if the pandemic was real, to implement the restriction measures would be to follow the idea of “guilty until proven innocent”, which as far as I know is not good. I think you need to see each case specifically to see whether they are infectious or not, and if you fail to prove it you need to get punished, because you cannot accuse somebody of being infectious without repercussions. The end doesn’t justify the means, and if reason is not failing me, this truth doesn’t let us generalize, even if there is some “real” pandemic. Correct me if I’m wrong. Thank you.

    1. A real pandemic is when a real pathogen is causing so many people to die, you see them laying in the streets, in cars, on the sidewalk.

      1. What I can infer from your comment is that in a real pandemic, it won’t be necessary to impose those restrictions. It will be agreed upon, by each individual, after witnessing the pandemic events. Thank you.

      2. Or when you are driving and seeing some kid on the street having seizures or a bike driver suddenly having a heart attack and crashing on the road.

  3. Pardon me brother, I object to the use of “rebellion, revolution, and liberty”. I understand your particular context behind the use of these three terms, but to someone not read in your particular context, may evoke the opposite of your motive in an individual.

    God bless, I intend no harm in this comment

  4. Crossroads.
    Cross Roads.
    Your bravery.
    A ladle of water shared.
    Thank you.
    God bless you, sustain, and protect you.
    Touch not mine anointed. And do my prophets no harm.
    Bold as Love.

  5. Br. Bugnolo,
    I almost hesitate to take up your time, because of all the momentous events in the Church and the world that you are engaged in right now. Also, I know this comment is off topic, but I only get to town to stock up every week or so, when I can use a computer at the library, and I’m afraid if I comment on one of the “fast-moving” articles, it will disappear before I can read your answer. They do disappear sometimes.
    As I indicated in my last comment, I wanted to ask your opinion on the following: families draw close to one another, no matter how bitterly the individuals may duke it out during easy times, once they perceive a threat from the outside. Do you think that various Christian denominations may downplay their differences and support each other as the antichrist comes on the scene?
    I was pondering this question when I ran across some interesting information in two or three of your videos and articles that gave some food for thought.
    it’s really clear to see how corruption and infiltration of the Catholic Church by Satan has been growing in recent years, which has caused me to think that Satan surely started attacking the Church at its inception, not just the past few decades.
    I watched your video on Belief, and approximately 38:15, you began to speak about the errors in Protestant theology, and how it was impossible to correct Protestants, no matter how much evidence was presented. As you were speaking, I thought, “Why, that’s exactly the way Protestants think about Catholics!”
    I think I had an epiphany! I thought, what if Satan has been introducing errors into both of these branches of Christianity, but different errors into each, so each thinks they are right and the other wrong, and they are both correct, because they both have some things right and some things wrong.
    it’s like the way it’s a lot easier to see faults in someone else than it is to see faults in yourself! I took that article, “Jesus was not a Jew” to church, and it went over like a lead balloon. That’s what I’m talking about. I would really like to know what you think about all of this.
    I guess I am in a position to be fairly non-judgmental about both religions, because my Mom is a Protestant and my Dad was raised Catholic, though he has something against the Church and claims to be an atheist. These days he presents himself as Mr. Science and refuses to talk to me about the Church. Right now I am beginning to satisfy a long-standing curiosity about it, so I hope you don’t mind all my questions.
    Well, I don’t want to take up any more of your time. I’ll have to save the rest of this for next time I get to town.
    Btw, I think my Mom was tickled by your response to her Howdy. She must think you’re like a TV celebrity, because she said it was like as if Walter Kromkite said hi to her on the evening news.

    1. Howdy, again.

      As for Protestants, I do not mean to say they have bad will. But there was a lot of fake news put out in the 16th century, and a lot of fake claims made to justify that through the following centuries. The protestants of today are not responsible for that past, but they do need to investigate the claims made against the Catholic Church. What I said about protestants regards only those who do not want to investigate that.

      As for when the Antichrist comes, I think all institutions but the Catholic Church will fold, and even in the Catholic Church it will be most who fold to the Antichrist, just as during the Scamdemic most folded to the Scam. Christians, all of them, who put Jesus first in mind and heart, did not fold. So yes, I think we will find common allies in that future dark hour, just as we did in the present.

  6. Br. Bugnolo,
    I want to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I can see how busy you are by reading the articles on your website. I want you to know that even though I was raised Protestant, I don’t take any pleasure in the problems of the Catholic Church in these troubled times. We both serve Jesus Christ, and what hurts one hurts the other as well. Since He said to leave the tares among the wheat, it’s really hard to sort out exactly what’s going on, but it seems to get crazier by the day.
    I appreciate what you said about the animosity between Catholics and Protestants in the 16th Century. That’s exactly why I reached out to you for help. Your knowledge of Church history is very comprehensive. I would like to investigate the times you speak of, but I don’t know where to start. do you think you could give me some search terms to start with?
    Another time period I’m very interested in is the Early Church, from the Resurrection to around 400AD. I looked up the successors to Peter, and then I looked up the historical order of the Patriarchs of Constantinople and got a surprise.
    I found a list beginning with Andrew (Stacys) the Apostle 38-54AD. Now how can that be since Constantinople was founded in 324?
    I would like to know something about the worship of Jesus Christ as it existed during that 367 years. Can you recommend any writings I can access from that time, either Catholic or Orthodox (if they were even called Orthodox at that time, since it was well before the schism.)
    If my theory is correct, that theological error has been a gradual, creeping process through the last 2000 years, it stands to reason that early doctrine was more pure, closer to what the Apostles taught. I’d like your opinion on that assumption, too, if you don’t mind.
    If I am taking up too much of your time, please be honest and tell me so. It’s just that I don’t have a clue who else to ask. My cousin, Peajay, recommended you and I have really been impressed by your videos and articles and your willingness to interact with your readers. Right now I have a real thirst for knowledge, but there is such a huge body of historical info about the Catholic Church after 2000 years that I find it very intimidating,
    Some of the names are familiar, like Polycarp and john Chrysostom, so I will probably start with those, but I don’t know if they are the best starting places or not.
    I think that each new answer will lead to more questions, lol, so please let me know if I’m imposing on you. I can tell that my Mom is pleased with my research. In earlier years, I suspect I was the cause of her high blood pressure, which still troubles her from time to time. She said I was a “holy terror”, lol, whatever that is. She said Dad purposely named me after the Timothy in the Bible, hoping I would turn out like him (Dad’s name is Bob). I think they are both relieved to see me develop an interest in religion!
    Thanks once again for answering my previous comment. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what you said.

    1. Get a copy of the History of the Church by the Rev. Philip Hughes. He also wrote other books, all worthy reading, which will answer your questions.

    2. Venerable Mary of Agreda wrote The Mystical City of God. Google search and download the PDF. God before creation, His reason for creation, then explaining in detail His works especially that of His greatest creation, the Most Blessed Virgin Mary Queen of heaven and earth. Great info on early church. Christ came to us through Mary, she will take you to our King in a royal manner even though we are worthy of worse treatment than the worst of slaves. God Bless

  7. I’m sorry but it seems most people still believe their governments and aren’t aware of what is happening .

    1. They will stop believing in the government in 2022.
      Especially when their family is hit by a wave of heart attacks, and suddenly every people in their neighborhood tell them as liars.

  8. Why does the Church Leaders not speak of the Spirit of Truth? As I have read the Bible and it says that the Spirit must come.

    You speak of the Anti-Christ, and to most whom are Awake say this is the WEF (CERN 666) or Bill Gates, as it states in the bible that the Anti-Christ will mislead the Elect.. is that not what is going on Now?

    What are the signs or things that must happen before Christs Return?

    WHO ARE “The Chosen People”?
    In Canons of SOVEREIGN Law it states..

    – ARTICLE 81 Lucifer the All Seeing Eye (USA)
    – ARTICLE 89 The Chosen People of Seytan (Satan) and the New World Order and Satan is to be our God.

    Canon 6083
    Any claim that the alleged covenant and phrase “Chosen People” between the Manes was with the Father of Greatness, also known as the Divine Creator is an absurd and ill informed fraud, having no force nor effect legally or lawfully.

    Canon 6084
    Additions to the key terms and conditions of the “covenant” and the right to use the title of the “Chosen People” of God (Satan) were added within the publication of the Jerusalem Talmud under the Jesuits in the 16th Century CE including, but not limited to:

    (i) The faithful (now called “Jews”) are forbidden to return to their Homeland (now called Israel as Palestine) until after the tribulation, the fulfilment of the prophecies, the return of the messiah; and

    (ii) Six million (6 000 000) of the very best of the faithful (“Jews”) must perish as suitable sacrifice to God (Satan) called a “Holocaust” as atonement during tribulation before being permitted to return; and

    (iii) The tribulation shall last one thousand two hundred sixty (1260) days / years; and

    (iv) There shall be a New World Order where all worship God (Satan).

    Seems like everything is a Distraction..

    1. You are quoting from a Gnostic source. Here at FromRome.info, we are Catholics. We rejected Gnosticism as a lie 19 centuries ago. We call you to repent and believe in Jesus Christ, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, of all matter and of all spirit.

  9. This is the declaration that we must be share trough all media for all free people around the world.

    God bless you, Br.Alexis.

  10. Every time I share an article that is anti Globalist, I get shut down in Facebook by “hacking”. I shared one article like this the other day and my account got “hacked” and is “deactivated” again by Facebook.

    AI sure is not sleeping.

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