Arcivescovo Ganswein, pro Papa Benedetto o pro “Papa Bergoglio”?

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2 thoughts on “Arcivescovo Ganswein, pro Papa Benedetto o pro “Papa Bergoglio”?”

  1. Well … Bishop Rene Gracida posted on his blog that he believes the apparition of Pope Benedict to the Spanish nun to be true. That being the case, Pope Benedict made it clear who Gaenswein is loyal to.

    1. This woman who claims to be a nun was having fake apparitions before this claim. I can see how many have a deep emotional need for his recent claim to be true, but that does not make it to be true. When I visited Bishop Gracida I explained the principles the Holy Office uses to discern true apparitions from false ones. This woman has no sign whatsoever of being led by God.

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