Convergence of USD, Euro & GBP to prepare for One World Currency?

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There is nothing that is happening now that the Globalists are not in control of. And as far as fiat currencies go, it is entirely their game, their field and their team which calls the shots.

Therefore, we must regard as ominous what is happened last week with the convergence in value of the US Dollar (USD), the Euro (EURO), and the British Pound Sterling (GBP).

Because, IF you want to introduce a One World Currency, and make it a Bank Controlled Cyropto Currency, you first need to have the major currencies in alignment, so that THE SHEEPLE do not notice any changes.

With the Bank of International Settlements controlled by the Rothschilds and it in turn controlling most of the National Banks of the World (except Ukraine so far), the Globalists have all the instruments in their hands to bring the US Dollar, the Euro and the British Pound into alignment.

Am I engaged in pure speculation. Well, I think my suspicions are well placed.

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5 thoughts on “Convergence of USD, Euro & GBP to prepare for One World Currency?”

  1. Well does the globalists have charge over Ukraine….. with all the support Ukraine is receiving from The US and UK it does look like it

    1. As I said, this war is to get control of Ukraine’s national bank which is still not under the BIS in Basel.

  2. All the illogical spending has pointed to this eventuality…To the tune of trillions. The Anglo-U.S. Alliance PLAN from 1913 PLANNED TO MAKE THE U.S. the FINANCIAL SLAVE COLONY. I suspected this last week when hearing about the Bank of England bailing out the British Pound…And, when you sent the report about the real bailout to be about Blackrock and it was the Bank of England instead of ‘The Fed’; OF COURSE IT’S PROBABLE. You’re Right On Target!!! Wish ‘The People’ had plans to STOP THIS TYRANNY one way or another.

    1. “Right on target” indeed! Brother Alexis ‘joins up the dots’ in a way that I have not seen on any other Roman Catholic webpage or social-media forum. Here in England there is an almost complete absence of those who are “seeing the bigger picture” and making public their findings. One USA-based website that is worth a look, especially for the daily updates entitled “Health Ranger Report” on world events by its founder Mike Adams, is…….but Mr Adams, whilst apparantely a Christian, is not a Catholic. Pax vobiscum.

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