Mark Zuckerberg has lost more than half his net-worth in the last year

Editor’s Note: This has not only to do with his backward code, but also with his vicious Community Policy which treats everyone worse than any Jew in any medieval Ghetto…

Here is the example of the number of violations given to one Catholic in Ireland, ahead of the elections…

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3 thoughts on “Mark Zuckerberg has lost more than half his net-worth in the last year”

  1. maybe a could be started??

    If someone would offer me the other half remaining: it would be gladly accepted, I would keep one or two million for necessary
    things and use the rest to provide as many people as possible with decent housing, organic food etc. and would hand to Brother Bugnolo one or two million to get the residence in the hands of their organization, some improvements there, for a decent car, for a horse with a covered wagon, a light running bike, a pair of Canadian socks, an extra habit, some music of the great composer Joseph Bologne, 18 th century.

  2. Have you heard of ‘Celestial chambers’ ?
    (site celestial

    If these beds get applied, no more MD’s, hospitals are needed

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