Polish Government formally demands Germany to pay 1.3 Trillion in War Reparations

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4 thoughts on “Polish Government formally demands Germany to pay 1.3 Trillion in War Reparations”

  1. Brzezinsky 2.O just visited Poland and seems to want PIS (Volksdeutsche Partei) in power. Shell games and illusions.

    1. Correction: Platforma Obywatelska (PO) , not PIS, seems to be considered the Volksdeutche partei, although PIS seems to enjoy an equal amount of disdain and guilt these days. Reading the comments sections of patriotic Poles is highly informative and instructive.

  2. Poland is proof of the New World Order’s Luciferian goals: 3 million Polish Catholics and 3 million Polish Jews. The two covenants attacked, in a frontal attack on God by the freemasons Hitler, Lenin, Stalin.

    Where is the International Outcry at the Polish Genocide? Germany today imposes Zero Tolerance on Catholic Poland for rejecting the Neo-Nazi LGBT ideological Perversions. No Change. BRAVO POLAND. Viva Cristos Rey!

    Where is the the International Outcry for the 300 million Christians Genocided by Freemasonry since 1789 via their first two (of three) world wars in obedience to 1871 missive of Evil Albert Pike. (Source: Pierre Hillard books and Youtube).

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