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  1. Nearly all people are poisoned deliberately. Doesn’t matter vaxxinated or not. Scientists around Dr. Campa from Spain found out, that there is a huge amount of graphen in the vials. And now they found out, that this stuff is also in nearly everything we consume, even in baby formulas, cereals, beverages, toilet paper, blood thinners etc. But have a look on your own. You can find it on the channel https://t.me/miraalmicroscopio which was made up by La Quinta Column from Spain. They have several channels even for the international public. It’s devastating.

    1. For those who do not use Telegram, for security reasons, can you share links to the findings of these doctors in Spain?

      1. I tried. But I’m an analphabet in case of digital means. May be I still find a way. The following statement of Dr. Monteverde is also very alarming. As I follow them for a certain time, l know that he in another Video pointed out, that they haven’t found any evidence of existing mRNA in the vials but only graphen. And as far as i know will it react to electromagnetic fields like 5G.

  2. La Quinta Columna is the #1 best source in the world for understanding what’s going on. It was the small group of doctors who founded it who first discovered the graphene oxide in the vaccine, the production of MAC addresses in everyone (or just about everyone) who took the vax, how 5 G activates the graphene, and much more. Dr. Pablo Campra is the first to discover, photograph the self-assembling nano-technology in the vax and link the components and processes to patents. Unfortunately, for us who do not read Spanish, it is difficult to follow all they are finding, which is a steady stream. Orwell City is back to publishing bits and pieces in translation. If only somebody would post summaries of La Quinta Columna’s daily broadcasts translated into English. The Spanish speaking world appears to be ahead of everyone else in figuring out the ingredients of the vials and the implications thereof.

  3. And besides there is the Zelenko protocol, prepared by the hero
    Vladimir ZELENKO who gave his life for freedom, for us.

  4. And besides there is the Zelenko protocol, prepared by the hero
    Vladimir ZELENKO who gave his life for freedom, for us.

    Please pray for his soul and surviving loved ones.

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