26 thoughts on “Dr. Jane Ruby interviews Br. Bugnolo on the Stew Peter’s Channel”

  1. I’m watching it now!!! This is so exciting to see Brother on Dr Jane! Now so many more will come to know you and support you!

    1. I hope so. Especially since many of my readers asked me to keep the B16 mass center open, but then did not back the expenses. So actually, with a broken down car and being stranded without transport, I am in a real fix and cannot even pay the insurance I have to pay by contract on the rental of the place were I live. Oh, well. I understand the financial crisis hitting everyone. And it is hitting my regular supporters very hard, because its not the rich who have supported me in the past. And I am back to facing the possibility borrowing to make ends meet.

      1. I am waiting for a few ppl to pay me the money they owe, but I will gladly send you some money hopefully in the next month. I just noticed that this site no longer says archived, so does that mean you are posting more often again?

      2. Thank you, Sara, for your support. — Yes, I publish daily. Use the subscription form at the bottom of the page to sign up for notices.

    2. Yes!
      Long live Fratello Alexix!!!
      Thank You Brother!
      Thank You Stew Peters
      Thank You Doctor Ruby!
      Let us pray thanking Jesus, Mary and Joseph and All The Holy Angels and Saints for Their help to find a brave and capable International Lawyer/Barrister to defend Brother in Spain. Amen!

  2. Shutting Down the Church and all consolation for ‘The People’. Then, there was ‘Group Think’ from the very beginning…To the point of repeated words since Trump was victorious over Clinton. ‘Medical Group Think’ was a whole new animal and brought ALL together. YOU WERE THE FIRST ONE I FOUND BELIEVING WHAT I SUSPECTED ALL THE TIME, AS WELL. Great point about habitual T.V. Watchers to be easily taken-in… Quite brilliant to have zeroed-in on the Malone Error…And, he continues to play his part on his Blog co-created with his wife. Don’t know anybody else catching that blunder. Thank-you for your frank and honest opinion about Trump…I NEVER liked Trump and never trusted him, however he does have family and children he wishes to survive and he does want a safe place for them when he dies and THAT is the only weakness he has. Knowing NYC, he had to be connected to the Globalists to have survived. Still don’t like him in a personal way and don’t trust him. He is simply the best of the evils. God had to have led me to you to keep me sane…And through me, my whole family. When you were informing us of the Rothschild History…You became garbled and I really wanted to hear what you had to say. While always impressive, tonight was the best. Could you clarify what you were saying? So enjoyed tonight Br. Bugnolo. Dr. Jane Ruby did a great interview.

  3. DEO GRATIAS! It is truly excellent that Brother Alexis has been given such a notable media platform to explain some of his many deep insights into everything surrounding the nefarious ‘scamdemic’ since early 2020; how it was organised & manipulated and where its origins began, in Freemasonry. I will be sharing this to some Roman Catholic FB groups as well as my own page. Let us pray for the protective intercession of Our Blessed Mother and St Michael the Archangel for Dr Jane & Br Alexis as, in view of the many ‘sensitive’ truths exposed here which the demonic-masonic globalists have strenuously tried to suppress……..!!

    1. The admin/moderators of two “traditional” Catholic FB groups with a combined total of over 21,000 members declined to share this interview. Disappointing, but not hugely surprising. As Brother Alexis often points out, there are a great many ‘traddies’ out there who either cannot see the Truth or deliberately suppress it from others…….!!

  4. Awesome interview! I have always loved your style, you are blunt and straight to the point. I wish more were like this as I don’t have much patience for those who go on long diatribes and say precious little. I am so sorry to hear about what happened in Spain this summer, you didn’t deserve that, the lack of respect people have today for others blows me away. Are you back in Rome again or are you still in Ukraine ?

      1. Thank you. I welcome the correction.My intention was not to intentionally slur anyone. I ap9l8gize if anyobe took it that way. I am looking for clarity on this topic as I have heard/read that International Freemasonry is controlled by B’nai Brith. Bishop Sheen thought, because of Fatima, the Muslims would convert before the Protestants. Fr. Fahey seemed to expect Jews to convert after Gentiles lose the Faith. We live in crazy times. I have been told and read many things that seemed true but have been proven false – or worse -half true. This is why I value your work. It provides great clarity without compromising charity.

      2. the word, Judaizer, and the word Jew, mean 2 different things. A Judaizer, was a Catholic in the first century who was born a son of Judah, and wanted to remain an observer of all the external and ritual precepts of the Mosaic Law, which no longer had to be observed, once the Messiah had come. They eventually persisted in their obstinancy and renounced Christ as the Son of God and recognized him only as a rabbi. But the word, Jew, is of modern invention and it is used by those who claim descent from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through their mother’s absolute maternal lingeage, in contradiction to the Torah. So in strick reckoning, no one who claims to be a Jew can be presumed to be of the Hebrew People. They may only have the status of a related tribe, such as those which inhabited the other side of the dead sea, in ancient times. Indeed, one Modern Jewish Encyclopedia declares the vast majority of Jews not to be children of the covenant. That is, at best, converts, but certainly not real blood claimants to the covenant. And for that reason, we should not confuse these terms, because all the Judaizers of old were really Hebrews.

  5. Megadittoes to the above! Superb!

    Any chance we could get a transcript? Of course it merits being shared, but also studied, translated, and converted to a kind of “Oath against Globalism” or “Bugnolo-Baalman Declaration” to infuse genuine unity into community and bury the “Pro Coincidence” crowd’s Coincidence In Action North Korean style “curriculums”. Their almost endless recycling of the same tiresome tactics of divide and conquer have separated good-willed people of both high and low-information status, obviously, way too long.

    P.S. Couldn’t one argue that there were 24 jews who started freemasonry and not 12 protestants and 12 jews if one applies an ethical/moral understanding of “judaizers” that Scripture exhorts us to avoid? At the end of the day, after all, it is The Catholic Party “or bust”, right? Besides, who with a minimally informed brain and scintilla of integrity would want more of the same bamboozling”bust” that we have had for so long?

  6. Dear Brother Bugnolo,

    Great to see you in her program! It means a bigger exposure for you and hopefully more (financial) help.
    This is probaly God-arranged.

    I will mention this also to the sites here…..

  7. And this: a few times I called to the Spanish Embassy.
    They are open from 9 to 14 hrs.

    So far noone answered the phone, so no more calling there, but
    sending a faxmessage!
    Fax: a great invention and very useful…… Good to have one here!

      1. Remembering you once said: I have not seen a fax in 9 (or was it
        10?) years…….

  8. Dr. Ruby mentioned Henry Kissinger. You were involved in a different train of thought.

    Any comments regarding good ole’ Hank?

  9. Excellent video, but, Br. Alexis you have said in the past this is the apocalypse; however, in this video you came across that this is not the time of the apocalypse, do the four horsemen ride or not? Stay safe!

    1. I spoke of the Antichrist…. he has not yet come but U did affirm they are trying to conjure him….hear me mention the Sabbateans

  10. The gender Identity problem is part of it. Satan has no gender, therefore his inherent hatred of human beings who can reproduce as God intended is part of his seduction. Trans gender manipulation surgery is Satanic
    USGovt Grant’s pay for it…

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