FORMULA 1 Racing League needs to distance itself from Azerbaijani Terrorism

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4 thoughts on “FORMULA 1 Racing League needs to distance itself from Azerbaijani Terrorism”

  1. The organization is a questionable one in more regards.
    Hence it does not deserve any person watching their races.
    And Azerbedjian does not deserve any tourists.

    For those who think verstappen was the deserved worldchampion last season: hamilton was ordered by the organization to let verstappen win………

    And redbull is not a kosher firm either.

    the site published about that shortly after verstappens ‘championship’

  2. Isn’t it about some Southern Pipeline to ship Petroleum to the med? Your site posted the info yesterday. Makes me so sad…The horrific Sociopaths behind this deserve to be held accountable and sentenced to legal death…ALL OF THEM behind all the debacles for the last 120 years. Since the Rothschilds are at the top of the TOXIC HEAP with the British Royals…It’s TIME TO GO AFTER THEM.

  3. And while racing on the Zandvoortcircuit in the Netherlands,
    one may guess what UNDERNEATH that circuit is taking place:
    it cannot bear the daylight in every sense of the word.

    And guess what is happening in all tunnel connecting cities all over the world?

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