Hermitage of the Holy Cross opens it doors to Franciscan Vocations

If you are a Catholic man, unmarried, never married, celibate, straight, and sense that the Lord Jesus is calling you to follow Him in the footsteps of Saint Francis of Assisi, in a traditional communion, reciting the Divine Office and offering the Holy Mass solely in the ancient Roman Rite according to the traditional liturgical books of the Order, know that Br. Alexis Bugnolo is opening the doors of his hermitage for those who wish to found such a community. Ex-Friars and current Friars who want to flee their collapsing communities are also welcome to apply. Br. Bugnolo is in communion with Pope Benedict XVI and the community will be also, according to to the Second Precept of the Regula Bullata of Saint Francis, which obliges all friars “to show obedience and reverence to the canonically elected” successors of Saint Peter.

If you are interested, and have such qualifications, please leave your contact information in a comment (which will not be published). — Public questions can be asked in other comments, and answers will be given if they apply to general — not personal — issues.

More information HERE in English and Italian. – Maggiori informazioni in italiano, QUI.

And more information HERE for the men seriously interested in discerning a Franciscan vocation.

9 thoughts on “Hermitage of the Holy Cross opens it doors to Franciscan Vocations”

  1. Praying for this apostolate and that many including my own sons would be called into Religious life. JMJ

    1. Thank you! St. John Bosco said that 60% of men have a vocation to religious life, but never discover it. It is the pearl of great price hidden in the field of life.

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