Meloni to sprinkle a little Liberty cheese on her Masonic take-it-whether-you-like-it-or-not Pizza

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The sheeple only wake up and turn into free-ranged animals, when pressure and threat is applied. So it is necessary for the Globalist plot against humanity, to loosen the thumb screws of tyranny now and them. But not so much as to lessen control, only so much as TO INCREASE CONTROL by making the sheepl complacent with their smaller, tighter, more overgrazed pasture.

And so it is with the Meloni govt., which is going to oppose the Scamdemic by Announcing the abolition in December of the obligation of health care workers to take the DeathVaxxes.

Announcing, not abolishing.

In December.

For Health Care Workers!

Then, She won’t stop the baby killing. But she proposes that in every hospital pro-life groups have an office, so that if a woman knows they exist, and comes to that office, she can get information which MAY help her make a better decision to save her child or butcher it.

Can you get more morally relativist than that!

You had to be vaccinated during the Scamdemic, but saving your child from butchers is only an option, not an obligation!

So you see how much liberty and conservativism is being proposed by Meloni, whom conservatives in the West have been hailing as “Far Right”, “Right”, “Pro Family”, and “out to dismantle the NWO”?

If you put that little Parmigiano cheese on my pizza I would send it back to the kitchen and walk out without paying the tab.

But if you try to make me eat it, I will not “might puke”, I “will puke”,  And in fact, I am already puking….

Try to convince the sheeple in your town to wake up, before they pull the next voter lever and elect another maniac or faker who will either butcher you or prepare you for sheering and slaughter.

So the next time you hear or think that the German people were responsible for all the atrocities committed by Adolf Hitler and his NAZI regime, because they voted for his party, remember this: if you voted for any of the politicians who pushed the Scamdemic YOU ARE MORE RESPONSIBLE than any German voter in 1932-45, because Hitler only aimed at killing millions of minorities or foreigners, but the politicians you voted for aimed at killing billions of innocents and even their own co-nationals of the same religion and race!

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  1. She’s a member of the Aspen Society…A Rockefeller association. ENOUGH SAID. Except, Truss and good ole King Charley in the UK isn’t any better. Infiltration is the name of the game. Imperial Britain lives.

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