Stew Peters & Dr Jane Ruby: The Scamdemic launched the Genetic Wars

Editor’s Note: The 3 part Series on Borg Genesis with Attorney Todd Callendar is found here below. My interview with Dr. Ruby is found here.

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4 thoughts on “Stew Peters & Dr Jane Ruby: The Scamdemic launched the Genetic Wars”

  1. The idea “they” seem to want to do this through food (could they, really?) seems overlooked; as scary as the jabs are, that seems more diabolic and nefarious, threatening and, I would think from a luciferian viewpoint, more “virtuous”.

    Are there laws elsewhere in tge world forbidding modifying people?

    Were we ever considered individuals by the “elite” since receiving social security numbers?

    Does Petersen have to play the music he does? The content is enough.

    Don Minutella, citing Don Dolindo Ruotolo and St. Augustin, is not excluding a Catholic concept of the Rapture. If we have underestimated evil, could we, also be underestimating God’s power to work a miracle unlike ever before to rescue his people of good-will?

    At this point, it seems all people – of good will and perhaps, by extension , even people of poorly informed bad will, too – have lived all of life deluded, illuded, deceived – unable to see reality even remotely 20/20 in a uniting ” shared ” first principles” kind of way?

    Our Lady of Sorrows. Intercede for us

  2. Interesting that the film Metropolis was cut shorter for American audiences because “they wouldn’t understand it”. I know this may not pertain to the topic directly, but it seems to me, from having seen it the other night, the audiences of Fr. Coughlin and the youthful Bp. Sheen might have understood it too well. It may be beyond my peasant formation, but the idea of Mary as Mediatrix seemed fairly straightforward in the film. Both the Marian and transhumanist elements seem clear. That such a film was made prior to WWII in Germany also makes me question the WWII narrative. To my mind the film’s ending was a good one. To get there, though, required a lot of conversions.

    “TCM Comments on Metropolis (1927)” su YouTube

  3. It’s always about greed and ‘Power Addiction’ working ‘hand in hand’ to implement policy and policy is always connected directly to the OWNER of the Prostitute Politician…Rothschilds, EU Monarchy, Rockefellers, Illuminati, Freemasons, Pilgrim Society; All CONNECTED. By the way; there are no RINO’s…They’re all prostitute politicians OWNED by the Corporatist/Banker Mafia. The Republican’s sin of choice is COMPLACENCY/COWARDLINESS. It’s used to conspire WITH those claiming to be Democrats as the ENABLERS, SINFUL. The two sides ARE what was once defined ‘co-dependent or symbiotic’; similar to any kind of ABUSE situation where both sides are both dependent upon and conspire with the other. The reality of the world really is as Genesis…Based upon ‘Sexual Politics’ as outlined in Genesis with Adam and Eve. So relieving to hear Dr. Ruby and Callendar speak…I’ve been saying for months that it’s coming down to taking-out ALL THE EVIL AND THOSE CONSPRING WITH IT; selling ‘The People’ OUT. It’s coming down to choosing sides and blood will be shed. THIS is a hill I’m willing to die on for my progeny and their future. These last few days have been a real boon of info, Br. Alexis. Thank-you AND HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY.

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