Western Australia goes for full blown Waffen SS Nazi Scamdemic Tyranny

Editor’s Note: Folks, I told you the other day, in my Version 2.0 of “A Manifesto for the Free Peoples of the Earth“, it’s going to be violent, and it’s either they who perpetrate the unjust violence first, or the people who put into act the just violence first. The numbers they have on their side are 1 for every 1000 of us. We can only lose if be do not act.

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One thought on “Western Australia goes for full blown Waffen SS Nazi Scamdemic Tyranny”

  1. A comment rendered for the benefit of the people of Western Australia and the rest of the world. It seems that every “law” enacted concerning the Covid Plandemic by every government in every nation around the world has been unconstitutional. In Australia, this has been the case. These Covid “laws” mentioned are unconstitutional because they are null and void by the law itself, and therefore, they do not even exist and do not even have to be given a thought. Please, just ignore them. Pertaining to Australia, any “law” enacted by any State government which contravenes the powers vested in the Federal government by the Australian Constitution, is null and void by the law itself. These Covid “laws” enacted by the State governments pertain to quarantine, which only the Federal government can enact. Since the Federation of Australia in 1901, the State governments do not even have the power to enact them. See “Australia Constitution, Chapter II: The Executive Government, Section 69: Transfer of Certain Departments” concerning the power of the Federal government over quarantine. See “Australia Constitution, Chapter V: The States, Section 109: Inconsistency of Laws” concerning the supremacy of Federal laws above State laws. The particular Constitution of every particular Nation is written for every Citizen of that particular Nation, because the Citizens are the Nation. One’s own particular Constitution is waiting for one to read it, so as to know one’s duties and rights and possibilities. All the best.

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