Cross Azure assists bringing Humanitarian Aid to liberated Christians in Kharkiv

Cross Azure is the Humanitarian volunteer non-profit founded by Br. Alexis Bugnolo, the editor of FromRome.Info, in the Summer of 2022, to aid the victims of Russian aggression. In this short video, you can see our volunteers assisting in the procurement an distribution of needed supplies in a recently liberated Christian village in Ukraine.

To assist in future efforts like this, send your support to Cross Azure, by clicking this image below. The 10s of thousands of newly liberated Christians are in desperate need of aid and supplies. Cross Azure currently has less than $200 in the bank and needs $1000 USD per week just to keep up with requests. — PLEASE HELP!

Our volunteers are unpaid and do what they do for the love of the Christians of Ukraine. Br. Bugnolo is currently the President of the organization, and needs your help to continue this work of mercy.

As you can see from this unrelated video, Ukrainian troops are finding utter devastation and penury in the liberated areas:

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  1. That is beautiful. Congratulations. The Rosary and Cross Azure insignia were great to see on the volunteer. Any chance there could be an interview?

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