FINLAND: The Corpses of recent dead are giving off BLUETOOTH Signals

In this first video, taken in the winter, Bluetootch codes appear at the bottom of the user’s cellphone, when moving over a recent grave.

In this second video, the same is seen in the Spring:

Again in this third:

More videos here. — I have published this after being contacted personally by the videographer. But I cannot publish more information without his consent. If he comments below, and allows this, I will publish his contact information for those who want more information.


By activating and deactivating Bluetooth on the grave of newly interred body for a while, sometimes it takes 3 seconds, but sometimes it takes longer 10 to 20 seconds, It depends of Graphen Oxide in the dead body and the Bluetooth circuit and how it was self-assembled and how many circuit etc…
As you see in the video Mac-address appeared on the phone like in this order A1:B2:33:C4:E5:FF ( six pairs of numbers or letters separated by points) ” Psychopaths/ satanic cult love number 6″

PS I have i story to tell you about one young 28 years old man grave; I had three times the same code from the same grave and in different period; first time it was in winter time 2022 as you see on the  second video on rumble, it was in February. Second time it was in spring time 2022 and the third time it was with my Finnish wife, who was filming the scene, it was 22.5.2022
Here s the Mac-address of this young man who dies in January 2022 at age of 28 years old. E4:24:35:61:93:AA
The only code that i remembered form my experiences, the last pairs 93 and AA, this code I will remember for ever. I feel  that this young soul is calling   for JUSTICE.
I will send you that video, when my wife was filming and we were looking for that code from that grave ending by :93:AA
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36 thoughts on “FINLAND: The Corpses of recent dead are giving off BLUETOOTH Signals”

  1. Are you insinuating this to be a result of the Gene Editing Serum having aluminum and graphene Oxide in them creating cellular surveillance via 5G? Apologize for sounding stupid, but the point of this is not clear.

    1. There is no explanation or insinuation given. This is just the presentation of forensic evidence.

  2. I am Scandinavian, and nobody is buried that way there. Look at the piles of soil on top of the grass, and in between graves. There is always a certain distance between the graves. There are regulations and laws to follow.
    It looks fake, and the soil is just dumped on top of the grass, in a disrespectful way, then some flowers dumped on top of it, with a white cross, without any names on it. Both graves are fake as I see it.
    He probably also hid some bluetooth devices there under the flowers or just under the soil. Disgusting to do this on a cemetery, and I think it’s also done by someone who works there, maybe a temp worker.

      1. Go to “,Gretta Fahey” on bitchute and watch her video”If you are in the same room as a police officer you can scan their body for illegal implants.

      2. Brother, I think that you might have misunderstood me.
        Part of Scandinavia, Yes and no. Culturally, yes. The following countries are very similar culturally, and in society overall: Finnland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark. Finland being the only one of them with a language that is not related to the other languages. People from the rest of the countries can actually understand and speak to each other. They all have the same way or system to bury people, and their cemeteries are constructed the exact same way. This is the case for most of northern Europe.
        My point was, that nobody is really buried that way in Finland. The tombstone or plack is already there, as the space is bought and reserved, then they dig a deep hole for the coffin, which is lowered down during the ceremony, then later on soil is filled back up and the patches of grass put back. The graves in the video are without a doubt not real at all. Nobody in these countries are dumping sand or soil on a body or a coffin like this regardless of season, then stick a anonymous white cross into the soil, and put flowers on top of the pile. No way.
        One of these fake graves were also tightly squeezed in between two other graves as you can see. That does simply not happen. The other one in the beginning is also fake. It’s very unprofessionally done, and even very disrespectfully done. This does not happen at all.
        Whoever made the video might be innocent, but the ones who made the fake graves are not, and should be disciplined and fired at once. It’s actually quite disturbing to see the lack of respect at a cemetery, and I’m surprised nobody else has picked up on this. A cemetery is no playground for degenerates and fools to get 15 min of fame on the Internet. The video might also be from last year, unless it’s from the northern part of Finland.

      3. Seeing that you are commenting from New Zealand and the man who made these videos has contacted me with a phone number from Finland, I tend not to believe a word of what you are saying…

    1. I am from Finland and indeed it is a Finnish cemetery at the outskirts of Turku / Åbo. There is a more in depth interview with the person who filed this on Rumble see interview link here:

      There’s been other people doing the Bluetooth test both with the living and at cemeteries around the world and in Finland as well, I too made such Bluetooth scanner test 3 times ad 3 different locations,and indeed unknown Mac addresses appeared especially in crowded areas or newer cemetery areas (along more recent graves from 2021-2022). However far away in pure nature the Mac addresses didn’t appear. Please remember that Finland is on the highest COVID -vaccinated and Boosted population list, at least some 80-90 % of the Finnish population are COVID vaccinated since 2021-2022.
      There are instructions how to do the Bluetooth test yourself especially if you watch the video on rumble. I’m pretty sure this phenomenon is happening in Finlands highly vaccinated neighbor countries too, people just need to do the Bluetooth test themselves.

  3. My wife and eldest daughter are vaccinated and they give off a bluetooth signal. But it is not readable with all phones. My old phone a Huawei was able to see them, my new one – a Samsung , or mt wife and daughters phones – both iPhones – do not.

    Neither I nor my other children, whom are not vaccinated emit any bluetooth signal.

    1. Hmm., I am wondering if they have redesigned the new phones not to detech these things, on purpose.

      1. Indeed.

        Also it took less than a year before my Huawei broke down (it kept on running out of space) after I had confirmed that my wife and daughter were emitting bluetooth signals.

      2. I am not an expert but I would first assume that the standard settings of most phones do not allow one to see it.

        If someone know how to modify the settings so as to see the Bluetooth signals of vaccinated people i would be delighted to know.

      3. I myself am not too clear on how one uses a cellphone to see these things. I tried it in the downtown of Warsaw, and found lots of signals, but its very difficult to know whether they are of electronic devices in apartments, watches, other cellphones, or where exactly the signal is coming from. As for a cemetery, many persons are buried with personal items. And maybe some coffins now have blue tooth devices to identify the coffin long after burial. One has to examine and eliminate all other possible causes, or disinter the body. I would recommend going to a mortician and asking him to do this to the dead in situ.

      4. Yes, that is the case, you need an bluetooth device finder app to detect the MAC-adresses on the jabbed ones.

      5. I think so too. I have an Iphone and it doesn’t show the MAC address but it does show the BLE RSSI numbers and coloured dots.

  4. One thing I am sure of is that the Bluetooth address of vaccinated people starts with a number or two, is followed by a letter or two, and then is a mix of numbers and letters as shown at this link:

    Also, the address number changes everytime one tries to scan for it. I mean that if I try to check for her Bluetooth signal at two different moments, she will have two different address numbers.

      1. She thinks it is all a conspiracy theory and will not even consider it. This mass formation is very powerful.

  5. It might give us a key to destroying the implants in the body by using Electro-therapy.

    It is a lost cause but at least it would prevent them from becoming sharp wire-like objects that will pierce the organs.

      1. My parents bought these electro pad products that electrocute the bodies around 2017.

        It so far helps one of my relatives still living and he is now on almost 7th month from his vaccination ( he was vaccinated this year and note my relative is TWICE vaxxed ) I really hope to convince him not to take the thrice vax.

        He is not fine, has difficulty moving, taking maintenance drugs and a lot of vitamin C. He took palliatives like Ivermectin.

  6. Here is a documentary on people emitting Bluetooth.
    Even the PCR is involved.

    The video link below at ~4min 50sec gives some general instructions on how to set Android phones to display Bluetooth devices without names, re the jabbed.

    If this does not work try in a search engine
    Developer mode followed by your phone model.

    For more videos of Bluetooth and the jabbed put Bluetooth in the (local) search engine of


  7. My family’s Bluetooth tags started appearing 12 weeks after their vaccination dose, and happened on the 2nd shots.

    This will be the identifier that they are visible in Bluetooth:

    “Unknown device” then some serial number.

    The ones with third shots need to drink medicines that thins blood to prevent these destructive mrna bots from clotting.

    1. Yes!!! As I told before, It depends of Graphen Oxide in the body and the Bluetooth circuit and how it was self-assembled and how many circuit etc…
      Best regards,
      Videographer from Finland

      1. I really am sad because I am preparing for the time that they will die out…

        Steeling myself ( and preparing ) for the moment when these greedy government thieves would try to take away our property.

  8. Hello!
    We and you have to keep hope, i m sure that we will win those criminals sociopaths psychopaths. Good Will win evil !!!
    PS I made those videos…

    Rac From Finland

    1. Hi Rachid Lagrari, would you be interested in becoming a speaker at upcoming event which is held in Helsinki on 19 November 2022. It will be an event with awareness for “COVID Vaccine Injured people”. Do you have a contact method which is possible to reach you on please. Great videos and research. Highly appreciated, and greetings from Finland as well.

  9. I have been able to detect the wifi addresses for those vaxxed for some time now. I just go to the bluetooth setting on my phone and they pop up.
    They show up as a set of 12 alphanumeric combinations with colons in between each pair.
    like this C8:1D:15:A3:75:L9
    My phone is pretty old android.

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