If you ignore the laws of the Church, then there is something wrong with you…

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There are endless threads of insults against Catholics today, who hold to the laws of the Church, for we are in an age of lawlessness, and the man of lawlessness, i. e. the Antichrist, has many precursors, especially among those who claim to be Catholic.

But the fact remains, that if you ignore the laws of the Church promulgated by the Pope, you really have no ground to stand on, upon which you can claim to be a good Catholic.

Conservatives who does this must recognize that they are being hypocrites, because if conservativism means anything it should mean keeping the laws of the Church.

And Traditionalists are even more at fault, if they pretend that the traditionalism which they sustain is nothing other than being a faithful Catholic like Catholics were exhorted to do, before the reign of Pope John XXIII.

And practicing Catholics have also fallen into self-contradiction, if they claim to be practicing but refuse to follow the laws of the Church.

Pastors who preach mercy are acting like hypocrites, in a remarkable way, if they insist that impenitents be given the rights of penitents, but refuse good Catholics to have recourse to the laws of the Church which defend and guarantee their rights.

And all this has to do with Canon 332 §2, which says that a Pope abdicates when he renounces his munus. And Canon 17 requires that we understand that munus mean something other than ministerium, because in canon 1331, §2, n. 4, the Code of Canon Law says that excommunicates cannot hold any dignity, office or munus in the Church, but does not forbid them a ministerium.

And is it something difficult for a Pope to say the word, munus? No.

And could it be that a pope makes a mistake in such matters? Yes.

And does Canon Law provide for this? Yes.

So what is the problem of just following the law?

For is it reasonable, sane, and sensible to hold that we should ignore the law simply because it appears that everyone else is doing it, or our favorite Bishop or Cardinal or Priest tells us to ignore it?

As Catholics, there are positive laws which are not just or are not enforceable, since they go beyond the power of the State or Church to levy.  But it is certainly not unjust or unreasonable that the Church have a canon so we can all be sure if a pope has renounced or not.

So, for those of you who insist that Bergoglio is the pope, or hold that he must be presumed to be the pope, you should read the Code of Canon Law if you want to be credible.

And you need to recognize that Catholics, in virtue of canons 40 and 41, have the right, whether clergy or not, to NOT act upon any administrative act of their superior, when that act is something which is NOT provided for in the Law, transgresses the rights of others, is inopportune, or is simply not yet written in an unambiguous manner or in a manner conform with the canons of the Church.

And for that reason, anyone who attacks Catholics who say that they regard Pope Benedict XVI as the Pope due to some defect in his resignation, are the ones who truly deserve to be ridiculed in public.

Because, If you ignore the laws of the Church, then there is something wrong with you … not those who keep them.


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12 thoughts on “If you ignore the laws of the Church, then there is something wrong with you…”

    1. Christ said to the lawmakers of the Church, the Apostles and bishops: He who hears you, hears me! Your argument presumes the Church has no divine authority. We Catholics do not believe that.

      1. Dear brother,
        I trust you, but, knowing the history of the Roman Catholic church, there are many who where and aren’t to be trusted.
        A large part of your website is about it.
        I’m trying, out of my believe in Christ, to follow only one rule:
        ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’.
        And hope for the best.

    2. The Catholic Bible was written, collected, examined and put together by Catholic religious authorities during the first nine centuries of the Church. Then Luther and his men came and deleted a few books and parts of that Bible. Who authorized them to do that is something that no one can explain to this day. Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition are the root of all the Laws of the Church. At this time, unjust and capricious laws are enacted by men infiltrated in the Church. “But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat,” (Matthew 13:25) Because Scripture and Tradition exist, the people of God can see what is being done. The time has come when those —from the old heresiarchs of ancient times to the present latest and greatest of them all— will have to face Divine Justice for misleading the simple. You can read about their end in Luke 19:27.

      1. Correction. All the Books of the New Testament were written by their authors before their death. The last books to be written were the Letters of Saint John. In the 4th Century the Church published the first official list of the books of the New Testament. She did not publish a bible, only a list. The list for the books of the Old Testament, which the Catholic Church accepts, was published at Trent in the 16th century, because there was no dispute about those among Christians until that time.

      2. Editor: Correction noted. I neglected to state that the books of the New Testament were all written in the first century of the Church. The way I phrased it was unclear. The process that form the Canon of Holy Scripture took longer. It is very instructive to see how the scholars of the Church worked on the selection. I recommend all ‘Bible Christians’ to read about it. Those who respect the Bible have a big debt with the Catholic Church. “All the Books of the New Testament were written by their authors before their death.” Yup. It’s hard to write after we die. 😄

  1. What does it say about financial transparency as well
    as hiding abusive priests and looking the other way,
    subjecting our youth to their sexual-mischievous deeds?
    what about parishes trying to recruit new church members instead of
    trying to “save” fallen away Catholics- that are disillusioned
    by all of the above?

    1. There is a lot more that can be said, but as I have been undertaking a 8 year crusade here at FromRome against the issue of whether the laws of the Church were followed in appointing Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the pope, my editorial regards that controversy only.

  2. Thank you for this “Cliff Notes” post. It seems to me nothing more need or can be said regarding the great question of our times.This is a great summary of all one needs to know if one is serious. One could start here, or read Cionci first, if one needs primed. I hope this post gets many reads. It would be fun to know how many clicks it gets.

  3. I spoke today with a lady aged 64 who left the Catholic Church some years ago to join a Protestant Pentecostal group. Our conversation led us to the Visitation. I explained to here all I know about that from the apparition of the Angel to Zechariah all the way to the baptism of Our Lord. She listened with attention and respect. Then she asked me: “I attended Mass since I was a child and no one explained that to me, why?” My response was: “I don’t know.” Because all I know is that I was blessed to meet certain people and read certain books. I am a self catechized Catholic because the Church was for the most part ‘not interested’ in helping me grow my soul closer to the Lord. Of course, I was born seven decades ago and my parents did not even care to have me baptized. I was baptized in an emergency by a nanny when I was small and at a moment when my life was in serious danger. Nanny was a simple Catholic but she had in her a fire kindled by her parents who were simple, devout country people. She knew what to do. After our conversation, that lasted the best part of one hour, the lady realized it was time to return to the Catholic Church. I had to tell her of the spiritual war going on. How a bunch of sectarians of awful morals are trying to destroy everything. I explained that in itself is a sign of the nearness of Christ. Now we all wait for our liberation from these monstrous oppression. It will be nice not so see them ever again.

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