The Danger of accepting “Co-existence” with self-declared predators

Editor’s Note: This discourse was given in 1954, but it is applicable today, where so many individuals and groups which insist on co-existence are actually using it as a cover to exploit and prey on others. Justice requires preventative actions. And modern political discourse by ignoring this is leading the West into complete social collapse.

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6 thoughts on “The Danger of accepting “Co-existence” with self-declared predators”

  1. Brother Alexis has a habit of CANCELLING my comments, because he knows I speak the truth. Too bad, he started out as a straight shooter…

    1. Valerie, I never cancel you good comments, I just don’t allow Russian propagandists to speak at FromRome.

      1. Thank-you. Don’t like the U.S. propaganda and the Russian kind would be enough to make me throw up. News alone requires Chanting to re-establish God as the ruler of the house, family, soul.

  2. Thanks. Powerful.
    1. What word does he use at 4:52:”It is a sign you are an x. ” ( A eurothanist?)
    2. Has the Soloviev-predicted book (6:50) appeared? Klaus Schwab’s?
    3. Judas committed suicide. Is this part of your belief of what will happen to the traitors of human kind?

  3. Strikes me oddly to know so many identify some of the Globalists as evil and don’t believe the Russia to be as it is. Also odd, we KNOW about the Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Freemasons, Illuminati, Pilgrim Society and all the Secret Societies. Yet nobody is attributing anything to the one remaining active EU Monarchy TERRIFIED for their very existence since the Revolutionary War. They are as a Judas…LOVE BISHOP SHEEN. Too bad the current Anti-Pope is at the Vatican denying Sheen’s contribution to the world for God.

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