4 thoughts on “The utter failure of Vatican II, depicted in a Map”

  1. It’s too easy to blame this on *one cause”.
    Plenty of people who used to be devout Protestants no longer believe in God; they paid no attention to Vatican II.
    Plus there was the infiltration of (Marxist) secularist and post-modern ideology into the Universities and Civil institutions and schools. There are many causes of this great apostasy, but at base, all are Satanic.
    If you do attribute the apostasy to Vatican II, –then is this because the liturgy / Mass of ages was changed: “lex orandi, lex credendi”?
    Thought experiment: imagine a Vatican II that left the liturgy ALONE, and interpreted all the documents according to the magisterium. What would that European map look like today?

    1. As an anthropologist I cannot attribute this cause to anything, but I take it as a strong indicative a correlation with the Western Rite changes.

  2. I am surprised that Portugal has the highest belief in God in Western Europe, but Our Lady of Fatima must inspire some, thank God. It is sad to see that Poland has sunk as low as it has, even if it is much better than its western neighbors. The fact that 2 Orthodox countries, Romania and Greece, are at or near the top certainly doesn’t say anything good for Vatican II.

  3. 19Then came the disciples to Jesus secretly, and said: Why could not we cast him out? 20Jesus said to them: Because of your unbelief. For, amen I say to you, if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you shall say to this mountain, Remove from hence hither, and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible to you. 21But this kind is not cast out but by prayer and fasting.

    Would be nice to have the worldwide monthly Papal prayer intentions that used to be so clear, uniting, and worthy if a Church Militant.

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