Frank Walker: Faithful Catholics never had to recognize and resist a Pope

Editor’s Note: Frank Walker (editor of and I disagree on Russia completely (He repeats Russian Propaganda, regularly and zealously). But in regard to the corruption in the Church, we are on the same page and he is the more eloquent critic. — The key report in this video regards Remnant’s “Remanent Recognize and Resist” Conference, held last week, where he points out the problem with the word, “Recognize”.

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  1. Frank Walker’s website provides a great service to traditional Catholics. I agree with his views on practically everything including the Ukraine/Russian war. I agree with your views on practically everything except for the Ukraine/Russian war, Brother. Maybe you could reflect on the big picture, in particular, the goals of the WEF globalists and the corrupt Western leaders, of which Jorge Bergoglio and his minions are aligned, who are using Ukraine to neutralize Russia so they can achieve their New World Order of atheist communism.

    1. Cristina, publishes more information about the Globalist agenda than Canon212. Maybe if you sat down an actually listend to the 400 reports I have done with AJ Baalman, you would realize that Frank’s position on the war is ridiculously naive and totally Russian propaganda. But then again, since I actually went to the Ukraine and spoke with hundreds of persons there, what do I know? And my colleague, all he did was read dozens of books by the top anti-Globalist experts, and tell you what’s in them…

  2. I think Alexis underestimates the underlaying problem of the Russian Ukrain war. Namely NATO expansion. And the Satanic Globalist war which is a war unlike anything towards humanity. Perhaps Alexis could analyze the errors of Russia in the 19th century. The western world got a view of what the globalists impose on us until the Russian Ukrainian war started. Suddenly it was over. Even the vaccinations stopped. They have a very hard time to start that again and they need Putin out of the way badly. The question is God a God of nations or of a global structure.

      1. Good day Bro. Bugnolo,

        Happy feastday of the Battle of Lepanto!

        Thanks so much for your praise. May I ask what exactly did you like in my comment?

        Since you are in Italy next door to France, why don’t you go and visit Lourdes and make a special report about her.
        I just posted this lengthy comment in Frank’s website entitled,
        Lourdes the Laudato Si village, and more on the CIC

        Frank, Thanks so much for bringing up the issue of Lourdes which, as you aptly put it in this video, “now belongs to the Francis.” Sadly Catholic pundits are still not talking about Lourdes, you are the first, (but then I don’t know or follow all Catholic pundits.) Lourdes is now being transformed into a Laudato Si village and every corner is covered with the Green Gospel which is the New World Order Religion, and Pope Francis is the Patron Saint of the Environment.

        Read the entire comment here

    1. Bon, you really should come on and let me and AJ interview you. You are the kind of Catholic everyone else should hear…

      1. Dear Bro. Bugnolo,

        I’d like to thank you for a video you made at the beginning of the Covid Plandemic.  You were walking after midnight in the empty streets of Rome after coming from your nightly prayer at a basilica (something like that) and you were waning us NOT to take the Covid vaccine because it is deadly and that it is a Masonic plan to decrease mankind’s population.

        There was total Covid panic in my city where I live and the government and the media were pressuring everyone to take the vaccine..  Everyone in my family and all my friends took the vaccine,  Everyone in my neighbourhood took the vaccine.  Everyone in my parish including the priests took the vaccine,  I am literally the only one who has not taken the vaccine.  Imagine being alone, it is not so easy.

        But your video (it was taken down by YouTube  a few days after I saw it, so I saw it just in time) convinced me not to take the vaccine.   I am a very emotional person and when God tells me to do something, I usually can feel it intensely.  I felt so strongly that Our Lord was telling me, “Look, my child, I am sending you this Franciscan monk who is willing to lay down his life for you, like the prophets in the Bible who were willing to lay down their lives in order to warn the people.  You must listen to him and not to the people around you who are not your real friends because they are not willing to lay down their life for you.    The enemies of the Church and of mankind,  the Masons, can easily strike down and kill this Franciscan monk in the empty streets of Rome. But he is willing  to die to warn you to not take the vaccine.  Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, therefore do not take the vaccine…”  So, I had  to obey the messenger of God from Rome!

        All my family and friends and the people in the church said I was wrong for believing a stranger who is not a doctor and whom I have never met, a Franciscan monk in faraway Italy walking alone in the empty streets of Rome after midnight.  They insisted that I listen to the WHO and the doctors and the government.  I used to tell them that St John the Baptist also walked alone in the desert and Christ said he was the greatest prophet.   28 For I say to you: Amongst those that are born of women, there is not a greater prophet than John the Baptist. (Luke 7:28 DRB)

        Therefore to-date, since Covid, I also could not go on holidays because I did not have the vaccine required to board a plane.

        But hopefully, Godwilling, if the restrictions are removed, I’m planning to go to Europe for a long holiday next year and I hope to go and meet you in Italy, if that is OK with you and see you in your holy hermitage.

        So I thank you today (a thanksgiving long overdue) on the feast of Our Lady of Fatima.

        I never thought in my wildest dream that we would meet in cyberspace on the eve  of the Battle of Lepanto when you praised my comment as “the best off  Only Our Blessed Mother could have orchestrated that meeting from the time I saw your video until you read my comment two years later.  God’s timing is always good and so wonderful, isn’t it?

        So I hope to meet you next year in Italy. Deus vult!

        Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us. 
        Help us Catholics to fight and win against Francis and the Globalists and the Muslims like the way you helped the Catholics fight and win against the Muslims in the Battle of Lepanto.

        Our Lady of Fatima, convert Russia…

      2. I am glad to have been instrumental in a small way in saving your life and your soul. That makes all the key banging here at FromRome.Info worth it.

    2. I added a long comment in Frank’s column on the CIC about the traditional priests speakers.

      The traditional priests speakers were good

      I must add that I did appreciate the speeches of the traditional priests (who say the Traditional Latin Mass) especially Fr. James Mawdsley whose speech was entitled, THE PRIESTLY IMPASSE: When Obedience Becomes a Sin.
      At the onset he said, “Traditionis custodes is the most evil document that has ever been produced in the name of the Church.”

      Read the entire comment here

      1. I just added this comment this evening.

        Grandstanding. Michael Matt and the CIC conference were grandstanding.

        Frank, you used the word grandstanding to describe Michael Matt of The Remnant and his CIC conference and it is a very accurate word to describe him and the whole event….

        I could not pinpoint what was going on except that it was all talk and no action. I have never attended or followed a CIC conference before and this was my first time. Our Lord inspired me to watch it online because I will discover somethings that are essential but are invisible to the eye. Speech after speech, most of them just gave me the creeps (except for the traditional priests’ good speeches). But i could not understand why. Until your video came along.

        Imagine how many hundreds and thousands of Catholics were duped by the CIC grandstanding of Michael Matt and his gang of controlled opposition speakers. Their mission for the Globalists is to prevent Catholics from thinking about more important matters such as HOW to preserve Catholic doctrines, reinstate Cancelled Priests, and save their parishes from closures. All they have to do is only “love and pray” for Pope Francis as they watch him wreck havoc to the Church. Imagine if they only used the CIC platform to mobilize the few Catholics left to protest peacefully in front of Bishops’ palaces and their parishes to preserve the Traditional Latin Mass and reinstate Cancelled Priests. These are our Catholic heritage and it should be a no-brainer. There is nothing schismatic about these issues. The pope and bishops have to hear from the laity or they’ll continue to bully us Catholics….

        Blessed feast of Our Lady of the Rosary and the Victory of the Battle of Lepanto. May Our Blessed Mother also grant us victory against Francis and the Globalists!!

        Read the full comment here

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