Appeal to Archbishop Ganswein, from Catholic Clergy in communion with Christ’s Vicar on Earth


Summary and Commentary in English by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This Appeal has been made in response to the comments left by Msgr. Ganswein in a phone call made by his brother Helmut to the brother of Father Gebhardt, one of the 8 priests who publicly declared to recognize Pope Benedict XVI as the Vicar of Christ still, on account of never having intended to abdicate.

I will summarize, as I listen, so this post will be updated in the next few minutes. The Video is in Italian, with German translation by Father Gebhardt. The primary speaker is Don Alessandro Minutella, Pastor of the Parish of Saint John Bosco, Palermo, who has been ruthlessly persecuted by the Archbishop at Palermo and by members of hierarchy collaborating with the Anti-Pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, also known as Pope Francis.

This discourse of Don Minutella is divided into three parts. — I summarize what is said, but not verbatim.

The Present Situation

We priests are directing our message to the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, not specifically to Msgr. Ganswein.

On August 6, 2022, during the first gathering of our small  group of priests, we wrote a joint letter to the Monsignor. This letter was sent a few days later by Father Johannes Gebhart. We waited a long time for a response. We had expressed our love and sympathy for the Holy Father. We included no polemics, but we precisely stated that we celebrated the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in communion with Pope Benedict and not in communion with Pope Francis.

We expected a letter, respectful and directly from the Monsignor.

A response by letter was never received, which is a strange unusually response from the Holy See, because all receive responses, even Jews, Muslims, Politicians of all colors. It is strange that there is no time to respond to 8 priests, who are marginalized. It is an evangelical duty.

When we had given up hope for a response, we decided to reveal the contents of the letter, which I did on a Radio Domina Nostra program, in accord with the teaching, “What you have heard in secret, declare from the rooftops”. We also judged it opportune to make known to the faithful who follow us (the Piccolo Resto) this letter.

So, we decided to reveal the contents of the letter and to visit the faithful from Sardinia, Sicily and throughout the entire Italian peninsula. The response was wonderful, with between 5 to 6 thousand faithful. We followed up with another reunion of us priests at Linz in Austria.

Msgr. Ganswein never responded by letter. And on this account, we found ourselves in an Agatha Christie style situation. And alas, since Bergoglio took control of the Vatican, things do not function the way they used to.

We receive a telephone call from the brother of the Monsignor to the brother of Father Gebhardt, Villipand. And we made known the contents of this phone call, the contents of which were very upsetting.

In summary, the phone call:  Don Minutella is a nut, theologically out of his mind. His book is not worth the paper it is written on. That Pope Benedict is totally faithful to Pope Francis. That he names not himself but Pope Francis in the Canon of the Mass. That there are errors in the Declaratio, but that it remains valid.  This communication was like a kick in the legs, to use a metaphor from soccer.  The telephone call ended by asking Father Gebhardt to seek spiritual counsel to avoid further canonical penalties.

We 8 priests decided to make known the contents of this letter. We did this because, for love of the truth, and so that everyone might come forth into the light of day. And thus, this telephone call called enormous shock throughout Italy and the world, where the Piccolo Resto contains a great number of faithful.

These faithful remained perplexed at the statements made in this call by the Monsignor. Because it is shocking that a personal secretary of the Holy Father respond in such an offensive manner. Especially the calumnious statements made against me.

The response of the faithful was twofold: on the one hand, that this call confirmed that the Monsignor is a “crow”, that is he is not an ally of the Holy Father, but a kind of cell-keeper, and expressed only his own personal views, that Don Minutella and the faithful gathered about him are nuts.  This was the prima facie and logical understanding of his comments, that the Monsignor wanted only to express his own personal views.

But in this manner he committed unforgiveable political errors: he revealed that the real man feared in the halls of the Vatican is Don Minutella. I never received responses to my personal letters of appeal, but here Ganswein bashed my book in the most crude manner. That of which one fears, one often despises.

When the Monsignor said, that my book was not worth the paper it was written on: when the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Churchill, began in office, he respected Hitler, and so he spoke of him with impolite insults, but later on that Churchill began to disrepect him when he realized that Hitler could not win the war.

Such a gratuitous remark about my book, perhaps, conceals a fear for the truth on his part.

Cionci’s interpretation Monsignor’s Remarks

Andrea Cionci holds that the Monsignor is a faithful collaborator of the Holy Father and is speaking under the conditions of a sede impedita, in which he must speak in code, not openly, to protect the Holy Father.

Cionci last night gave a very sophisticated and educated re-reading of the comments, showing that the meaning of the Monsignor’s words are intended to be understood contrariwise, as an approval and encouragement of the work of Don Minutella and the priests and faithful who collaborate with him.

The 8 priests want to make known that they respect the work and opinions of Andrea Cionci but that they remain perplexed with the response of the Monsignor.  And the possibility that Cionci is right actually creates more confusion for the simple faithful.

What is the truth?

So to clarify for the faithful it is necessary to clarify the truth. The Holy Father is in an impeded see, and we all agree about this. But the Monsignor, is a collaborator with the Holy Father in this? But why call me a nut. This would be a precedent without precedent. Or is the Monsignor speaking on his own, according to his own personal judgements.

There are so many simple and humble people among the Piccolo Resto, the little ones in spirit of which the Gospel speaks. The Holy Virgin is the first among them. And so in this spirit we ask the Monsignor to pass our appeal on to the Holy Father, on behalf of these simple, faithful, Marian souls.

“How long do we have to endure this code-talk?” We accept it for now, and that it is for him to decide how long it is to be used. But if the Holy Father dies and leaves a written document affirming that he was in a sede impedita, then there won’t be a problem. But we must make a precision: we are not saying that we are tired of this, and we will not turn back. However, can we be sure that this truth will come forth before the death of the Holy Father?  But I would say, that if I were in the shoes of the Holy Father, I would, with all my life force and a clear voice, so as not to disorient the faithful any more, finally say the full truth and explain it its totality: the pope is only one, and it is me.

But for these faithful, I appeal to the Monsignor, that this request be passed on, for the historic good of the Church, of the world, that from this chapel there arrive to the Holy Father, this request.

That the Holy Father declare this would reveal what he is saying in code and take away all doubts.

Let’s consider for a moment the value of such a declaration: 9 years of usurpation have passed. The Holy Father spoke in code and endured this so that the truth come to be recognized to all who wanted to know the truth, because this truth is the logical obvious truth. There is only one pope. There cannot be two. He has never renounced the munus. He is the pope. He has spoken in code that we might understand. Now we understand. Those who do not want to know the truth won’t understand.

What is the risk that he now speak openly. He certainly does not fear to die for the Lord. What can they do to him, other than drive him out? It is now opportune that the Holy Father speak clearly: There is only one pope, and I am the pope.

And it is right and just that the Holy Father die with such a declaration made. However, if he dies silent about this, the risk is that the Masons take control of the Vatican forever. And the thought of this does not allow me to sleep at night.

My Proposal

It is right, now, that one pass from speaking in code, to speaking in a more clear manner. Perhaps if the Holy Father sees me ask for this crying. The simple faithful ask and require this. The humble faithful do not understand and appreciate this code-speak. They are growing tired.  This appeal is made in their name, and we believe that the Holy Father will hear them, because in the logic of the Gospel it is the humble whose voices are heard by the great ones.

“Holy Father, for love of God, for the love of these little ones, of the simple, of those who have risked all to remain in communion with you: say something more clear for now, so that we might accept Cionci’s interpretation. And thus we hope that Ganswein will pass this one. Because after his phone call, we are much saddened more than ever.

Br. Bugnolo’s suggestion of a Provincial Council

There is another possibility, suggested by Br. Alexis Bugnolo, which is very sound.

He proposes a Council or Synod at which both Pope Benedict and Pope Francis attend, which will address the various errors in the text of the Declaratio, recognized by the Archbishop Ganswein, diverse experts, and all agree that the text as written is not in conformity with canon 332.2, because in renouncing what he received from the Cardinals he has not renounced what he received from Christ. And thus, according to Br. Bugnolo, it is no longer an academic doubt, or popular, but which has become canonical, and thus there is now obligatory that there be a canonical public solution of this doubt.

That the present crisis makes the convocation of a Provincial Council in accord with canon 440 n. 1, for if the faithful do not know who is the true Pope there will be grave damage to the consciences of the faithful and to those faithful who suffer from excommunication. And to get out of this problem, a Council must be called, with these 3 requirements:  call both claimants to the petrine munus, Benedict and Francis: and hear them out as to their claims; interrogate Msgr. Ganswein and all the experts in canon law and their collaborators as regards whether the Declaratio is a valid renunication according to the norm of law; and third, with these two completed, the Fathers of the Council ask the Holy Father Benedict, if it was his intention to renounce the papacy, and if it was, then for the sake of all the faithful and to remove all doubt, to declare it. This council will be no less important that the council of Sutri in 1046, in which 3 pretenders to the papal throne were heard and deposes, so that the true successor of Pope Benedict IX could be elected.

We hope that this appeal we make tonight not be regarded as spurious but might be truly heard.

+ + +

Editor’s Note: You can read my appeal for a Provincial council here in English, and here in its official Italian translation.

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13 thoughts on “Appeal to Archbishop Ganswein, from Catholic Clergy in communion with Christ’s Vicar on Earth”

  1. You all have no faith. Have you yourselves not seen Ganzwein recently almost crying it takes so long? Is not because the anti project fails and halts everywhere also? The only one with faith is Benedict XVI himself. Is he not the architect of this himself? Together even with JPII? But you are endangering him immensely because you want to have your cake and eat it. And also this he knows. As does prophecy. But I would not be involved in creating that situation.

    1. It is ridiculous that you consider our zeal for the salvation of souls and the unity of the Church as, “having our cake and eating it too”. You have flipped objectivity and subjectivity and reduce virtuous zeal and charity to a spurious sentiment of self love. Take sense of what you are saying!

    2. You know what happened to Masses said with Bergoglio.

      Your words are called sin of omission and it is a sin so grave that will cause your heart to harden to final unrepentance.

  2. This code thing doesn’t give me a good impression, how come the enemies can’t figure the code out as the “good”guys do? Maybe they can’t because the key to understand the code is to have charity and think good of the pope. But is not easy.

    1. The bad guys definitely do understand the code. But they can never publicly admit it, because then they have to admit that Bergoglio is not the pope. So the code talk is really a brilliant chess move, if it is intentional. What Cionci has not figured in, is that the Holy Spirit via the gift of infallibility might be preventing Benedict XVI from admitting he has abdicated, even though he thinks he has, because he really has not, and the Holy Spirit will not allow him as pope to fall into the error of saying that he has, when he has not. This is theologically possible. And in that case, Benedict’s code talk might be a work of the Holy Spirit, not of himself. And then no one would understand it, except those who harken to the truth, the little ones, as Don Minutella calls them using the Gospel term.

      1. I remember reading that St Bernadette was ordered by a superior under religious obedience to reveal a private prayer the Virgin taught her, & wanted her to keep secret. Bernadette did not disobey lawful authority; the Virgin caused her to completely FORGET whenever she was asked about it. Bernadette said her mind “became blank” whenever questioned about it, and she was not lying when she said she couldn’t remember.
        God will allow his holy ones to remain obedient to Him without lying, without sin.
        Something like this might well be the case with Pope Benedict. 🙂

  3. Father Minutella, BRING IT ON! I pray for Pope Benedict every Sunday at the Latin Mass- especially during the Canon of the Mass.

    All of the evidence points to an undeniable fact: Benedict never resigned the papal Munus. Canon Law is clear. What more do the College of Cardinals and the College of Bishops need?

    It is so sad and unfortunate that so many prelates and clerics remain in a blackmail situation because so many of them practice sodomy. Or because many of them belong to the Freemasons.

    Perhaps Bishop Rene Gracida can lead this group of eight priests?

    1. Bishop Gracida is nearly 100 and legally blind. He is too frail to do anything except tell the truth on his blog. . .

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