The Big Reset — English Version of Documentary

Introduction and Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This documentary explains what has been protecting the world against since March 2020. There are some small errors in it, such as that there were real cases of Covid at the beginning, or that Covid the virus actually exists or that viruses cause sickness. But otherwise it is a good historical summary step by step for those who have not been attentive to the Big Game behind the scamdemic.

One of the important truth, reported here, is that the DeathVaxx changes the DNA of the DeathVaxxed. And as Stew Peter’s revealed, this change is to produce the Spike Protein which is modeled on 3 kinds of Snake venom. And thus, we Christians can conclude, now with certitude, that the DeathVaxx is THE MARK OF THE BEAST, because in the Apocalypse, the Beast is the Dragon, a Serpent.

This video also explains why Scamdemic perpetrators are obsessed with getting the personal information and digitalization of the physical characteristics of everyone, especially those opposed to Globalism, and thus implies the real reason for my harassment and torture in Spain, whereby I was forced to allow myself to be fingerprinted and photographed. My crime was not wearing a mask. Every other reason give was merely to manipulate me. I was held hostage for 5 hours in Rome, too, for the same purpose, though there the municipal police scanned me.

Another important revelation, are the results of a scientifically rigorous experiment which discovered that many DeathVaxxed individuals are transmitting Medical Access Codes on Bluetooth wavelengths! One doctor found that 86% of his patients in Spain, who said they were DeathVaxxed, were emitting such codes. This is not true of many nations, but it is especially true of the Spanish who seem to be targeted by the Rothschilds in vendetta for the expulsion of some of his ancestors in 1498, which denied them control over the vast amounts of gold and silver discovered in the new world. — These codes can be detected only by Huawai phones on the Bluetooth Radar App and similar detection apps. I wonder, now, whether this was the real reason that Donald Trump banned Huawei from the USA as a “threat to national security.”

Needless to say, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS DOCUMENTARY. I would encourage to have your whole family watch it. It will be very useful to deprogram individuals from the psyop which has been played on them and all their relatives, friends and associates, and it gives lots of authoritative information to rebut the lies which still go around and are believed as the new dogmas of the Satanic World Order — let’s call the NWO by its real name.

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  1. Alas, once people have taken the vax, it appears to work on that part of the brain which deals with logic; and their minds seem unable to recognise logic or reason when it comes to seeing the scamdemic for what it is, a manipulative tool for Global medical fasc¡sm.

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