2 thoughts on “KNIGHTS OF MALTA: Many members considering leaving Bergoglian Church in aftermath of take over”

  1. Has he EVER heard the fable about the Scorpion and the Fox crossing the river? Halfway across the river the Scorpion stung the Fox and as the venom filled his veins the fox said, ‘Why did you do that because now we’ll both drown?’
    The Scorpion answered, “I couldn’t help myself. That’s my nature.” Many variations of the story and the point is that this man gets nowhere by negotiating with a Scorpion, snake, crocodile having a nature to DESTROY.
    Not well versed in theology and dogma of the Church concerning this whole circumstance but know it’s better to face the fact of this Anti-Pope and rid the Church of him for good as soon as possible along with all the rest of the homo-heretics and apostate Idolators.

  2. The Order was rich, efficient, an internationally trusted troubleshooting entity. It did valuable geopolitical charitable and diplomatic works.
    When a huge legacy of billions was left the Order, Bergoglio wanted it; and talso o smash its valuable and heretofore honourable sovereignty.
    He’s ruined it and now has control of its finances. Well done, JudasPope! It’s just what we’ve come to expect of you.

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