Ukrainian SBU strike Russian Bridge to Crimea

The moment of the explosion caught on the cameras of the Bridge Management Office:

Editor’s Note: This is a strategic moment in the defense of Ukraine, because the destruction of this bridge sends a clear message that Ukraine is going to retain Crimea and sends a terrifying message to Russian Federation Forces, that they now have no way to escape along that rout. — While I still believe the Russian Federation economy will outpace that of Ukraine’s allies’ will to fight, the Ukrainians are certainly headed far closer to complete victory than that which I ever expected. They evidently have been doing some wholesome training since the springtime, when they could not mount an offensive.

While some are speculating about who perpetrated the attack, it is well known that Ukraine has an extensive partisan presence in its territories which are occupied by Russia. The idea that a Russian dissident did this, thus, is not likely.

In fact, several hours later, the Ukrainian SBU took the honor:

More photographs, of this strike, which took place just hours ago:


FINALLY, a survey of the damage, as of 9 AM this morning:

And here is the cherry on top of the cake of this incredible feat of military ingenuity on both sides:

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3 thoughts on “Ukrainian SBU strike Russian Bridge to Crimea”

  1. Unfortunately this is what putin is looking for to really kick start WW3…. listened to a podcast where the author was saying Putin really needs this to justify his war and galvanise the Russians behind him…. Here we come Nuclear WW3….. probably just before Christmas

    1. No, Putin said that if the bridge was attacked by missiles. It appears to have been blown up by demolition experts.

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