New PayPal User Agreement threatens users with $2500 for spreading Misinformation

Commentary on the above news, by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Read the article to the end, to find out that in fact, PayPal is already censoring users for speaking out. — As for PayPal’s “mistake” in issuing a user policy they never intended — I am not buying their excuse. It was obvious psychological pre-conditioning, to shake out of their client bases those who would be most likely to sue them once they put such a policy into practice in the future. And I think they were told to release this trial balloon and then pull back on it, so that the Globalist data information network of all those cookies which collect online activity data would be able to assess better the future reaction to such real control measures, since the Globalists are most certainly going to impose this sort of thought-control system on us all in just a few years. And perhaps they did this, so that users jump ship from PayPal, to newer platforms which have more sophisticated monitoring or digitialization methods.

In fact, the announcement of such a fine structure, alters essentially the nature of business PayPal would be doing, from one which regards purely financial transactions, to one which acts as an information and behavioral control system.

Users of PayPal are speaking out, and they are enraged:

Finally, for transparency, I do not nor have I ever had a PayPal account. Fundraising I do, I do so that all funds be received by other legal entities, none of which engages in the publication of information for or against anyone. I have acted this way from before the Scamdemic, and I believe it is the most prudent way to avoid such legal shenanigans such as PayPal has contemplated.

There is a growing movement called #BankruptPayPal, here is just one of the tweets expressing consumer outrage against that corporation:

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