The Gates of Mordor are closing, and nearly everyone is still on the inside

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Scamdemic is the most horrific crime in the history of humanity. And if it could be measured on a cosmic scale by comparison, it is the greatest crime in all the cosmos, that a small percentage of an intelligent race seek the destruction of the rest of their own race. There is no greater pathological misanthropy.

There is also no greater sin, that to attempt to destroy and enslave the greatest handiwork of God the Creator, the children of Adam!

But this crime was pulled off, because the criminal misanthropic gang has been conspiring for more than a century to pull it off.

And we need to recognize that profoundly if we are to escape the century-long snare they have laid for us. Because, we are tethered into a system of control by so many lies, so many institutions, so many habits of living, that we cannot be complacent or ever grow complacent again.

And in this the “Opposition” has failed. Because even among the faithful opposition who are not tied to the Globalist system in any way, we have scarcely begun to admit to ourselves let alone to our audiences how deep that control goes.

And though the Covid controls have ended in most nations, the entire system has not stopped to roll on towards Agenda 2030. Indeed, the pace seems to be quickening, since they now realize that open attacks like the Scamdemic are much too damaging, because they have awoken too many and are to easy to spot.

So they are moving to use all their other tools.

Social credit systems. Digitialization. Tracking systems. Disenfrancishement. And Shadow Censorship. Psychological and Political Manipulation.

I spoke about Shadow Censorship the other day.

And I have mentioned the roll out of social credit systems, which will entice easily the sheeple.

As for Digitalization: they are moving fast ahead on this with facial recognition systems and finger-print recognition. They introduced it on the IdiotPhones and now it is popping up at ATM (Bancomat) Machines and even for the registration of new accounts for Cellphone companies and other services. I see that even pay at the pump options at Gas Stations are upgrading to digital recognition of the person. Walmat has been reported to be headed this way, to total electronic payments.

Remember: anything which is electronic can be monitored. While we all like electronic systems because of the ease they add to modern life, SO LONG AS A GLOBALIST PSYCHOPATHIC ELITE are in charge, these are dangerous systems of surveillance.

And the Globalists fear that we might fear them, so they are adding taxes on cash. ATM fees have expanded and you can find ATM machines that can charge you over 10% for the crime of withdrawing Cash.

Cash it must be remembered prevents anyone knowing what you are purchasing — except of course at those big stores which have facial recognition and security cameras at the checkout, to record you face and sell that info in association with your transaction. PayPal in its “mistaken” new user policy update revealed their true agenda, here too.

But worst of all are the deeply inserted tethers of psychological manipulation.

First of all, the fake history you were taught in public schools, which comes from textbooks printed by Globalist publishing houses. And what you were not taught it actually the only history which would have helped you figure out what was going on in the Scamdemic. So expect to see more and more counter information removed from the net.

Already, Shadow Censorship is causing many counter-narrative sites to shut down. The Globalists understand this well because they have seen that their greatest opposition came from critical thinkers who were not deeply tethered or chained to the system.

Since effective opposition requires funding, cutting off their funding by redirecting their viewers to other things, is turning out to be a very effective strategy.

Then there is the sheer magnitude of a problem the size of a mountain when confronted by the single ant which knows that mountain must be removed if the human race is to continue to exist.

Despair is easy. Psychological short-circuiting is also easy. With the onslaught of waves of lies and propaganda, I myself have seen so many friends turned into Russian Zombies calling for the genocide of Christians to the glee and delight of the worst Globalist psychos that you can imagine.  These psycho-converts now wish me death and curse me in comments with ever increasing viciousness. So I understand personally how much psychological tethering can control a person and drag them down to Hell before they end up in Hell. Despair is what I think made them snap. They just do not know who to trust, but they are overflowing with rage about what happened to them and their loved ones during the Scamdemic.

But Political tethering remains the deepest one which descends down into the very soul and mind of 99% of the opposition.  And it will be used to utterly neutralize and destroy them, if they do not wake up soon.

Because too many of us still consider it rational to vote for political parties which backed the Scamdemic, or for politicians who either backed it or won’t declare themselves against it totally.

As I said on my interview with Dr. Jane Ruby: if a politician is not calling for hanging them all and confiscating all their wealth, for a true new Reset for Human History, he is part of the system and he is there to fool you.

And for all these reasons, I presage that the Gates of Mordor are closing, and nearly all of you are tethered in some way inside. As they close, you may not have time to escape.

So many of my friends who had the financial means to start an opposition party in 2020 wanted to wait it out. Now they have waited it out and do not have the means any more.

And that is just the result the Globalists are counting on. That we wait. Because in the future, we won’t have the ability to resist any more.



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17 thoughts on “The Gates of Mordor are closing, and nearly everyone is still on the inside”

  1. An overwhelming analysis for the average John and Jane Doe to access ,and then proceed to know what to do about it…. to pray is the first non globalist thing we can do…..and to really begin to believe in Angels sent by God to direct us in a fog so dence that we have ceased to even attempt to fight our way through it. The weapon is at our disposal and the supernatural is the weapon..and the Rosary is what we were all told is THE WEAPON. Believe it or not.

      1. But you and we all know that daughters and sons are not born of a man, but of a woman.

        And: congratulations: a few days ago I informed the Dutch site
        het andere about the video of Jane Ruby interviewing you: today it has appeared on that site.

      2. Yes, but scripture calls us all sons of Adam, because He is the prototype, the first human being, and thus he is the origin of us all, he is the origin even of Eve… the phrase, “daughters of eve” was, to my knowledge, coined by witches and masons to indicate the race of sinners and rebels, since she was the first to rebel against God.

  2. Excellent commentary Brother Bugnolo.

    Even if one has alot of preps and can live “off-grid”, there are things that are a real challenge. Things like, how to pay property taxes when we stop having access to a bank account and the internet. Maybe we will need to depend on charity from the vaxxed?

    1. In some countries, like the USA, if you become a Monk or found certain types of non profits, and donate your residence, it becomes exempt from taxation.

      1. I think that religious non-profit tax status will soon be rescinded, by passing new laws; and/or under any number of “reasonable” local justifications.
        Of course if your community is cloistered, even if under your approved and ancient rule you were supposed to have autonomy and own your own property as a religious community, –Bergoglio’s “Cor Orans reform” will soon confiscate all assets and real estate without connivance of the State.

      2. Nothing will but guns. So there may be a lot more Wacos in the future. And indeed, St. Hildegard of Bingen says when the Antichrist comes, his followers will go house to house and execute every Christian they find. Will that be in our lifetime. No, I think the triumph of the Immaculate Heart will come soon, before 2030 and that the globalists will be entirely overthrown. St. Hildegard then says that when the new King of France dies at the age of 74, the antichrist will reveal himself in the following year, and then the woes will begin. So I think it will not be in my lifetime, but I do believe that today’s children will see those days.

        I wrote you a letter about two weeks ago, BTW.

  3. Tip: on of 2 September ’22 you find information about how to create your own electricity.

    The only way to escape ‘their’ control is to put ourselves in the IMACULATE HEART OF MARY, MOTHER OF GOD. And you know it. To be made ‘invisible’ by Her. Their technology could track you anywhere….
    Our Lady may cover us with Her Mantle !

  5. Everyone, pray the Rosary every single day without fail! Especially for families. Our Blessed Mother in Heaven will pray for us. Her Immaculate Heart will triumph!

  6. Thanks for all your work and clear thoughts. In my opinion the reason we are in this state is that the western world has made Babylon their god with lip service to the real God. I read and view a lot and seldom to almost never do I see those in the awakened or truth community discussing the need of God’s help or repentance “change” in the way the masses of humanity live their lives, especially in the first world nations. The wicked only have power because we give it to them by idolizing or envying them in sports, music, movies etc. I can only see things getting much worse until we awaken to God and our own nothingness without him. Politics will never save us, especially Trump, Biden or Putin. We need a renewal as a people and if we will not do it willingly then the whip hand of the globalist / satanists will do it for us. The fire of suffering can and will purify us. I am terribly concerned for the near future but have faith that things will in the end work out to the glory of God. Thanks for your prescient messages over the last couple of years.

  7. Brother Alexis, you stated that the triumph of the Immaculate Heart will come soon, perhaps by 2030 and that the globalists will be overthrown. I think may be onto something. The year 2031 will mark the 500th anniversary of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Her appearance in 1531 triggered a major upheaval in Mexican society and brought end to paganism and child sacrifice. Something good is going to happen soon. Remain faithful. Ave Maria!

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