The Green Agenda says coal is bad in the USA or Europe, but good elsewhere

Editor’s Note: Peel away the Green Agenda lies, and you can see that the narrative that mining coal in North America or Europe is bad for the environment or the Earth, is actually a lie, spread to promote coal-mining in those countries where it is extracted by labour which is paid slave wages. Whom does this profit? Obviously those who own the coal mines in those countries, those who import that coal, and those who profit off alternative energy sources in the countries where coal mines are closed down.  And all those are Globalists.

But who suffers? Those who are forced to pay more for fuels in North America and Europe and those workers who are without a job and those factories which no longer have cheep energy sources. And those are all non-globalists.

So the next time you hear the mantra about saving the Planet, you need to replace planet with “Globalist profits”, to understand the real purpose behind it. And if you do  a little search, you will find that that organization which is spreading this misinformation is backed by the Globalists too.

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