USA: FBI’s relentless hunt for Right-Wing Extremism

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Here is another excellent example of the political manipulation under which the citizens of the United States are being subject, so as to maintain Globalist (Rothschild) control.

Everything is diversionary. Everything is illusory. Everything is theatre.

Both parties, the Grand Old Party (GOP), aka the Republicans, and the Democrats, are controlled by the Rothschilds through Brown Brothers Harriman Bank (Skull and Bones + Trump) and the Delaware Lodge (Biden).

So, out of fear that the people are realizing that both parties are anti-populist, the Rothschilds out of desperation are turning up the volume, that is, the level of violence and conflict between these two political theatrical groups.

For now the FBI is hunting “right-wing terrorists”, even though the government has been usurped by “left-wing terrorists” who lauded the burning of 200+ cities, while the GOP president, Donald Trump, lamented it and did NOTHING.

The real threat to the Rothschilds is the rise of a populist Christian anti-bankers’ party: like the Catholic Party for America, which all the controlled opposition Catholic Voices have deliberately ignored for the last 20 months, since they serve their masters very well.

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2 thoughts on “USA: FBI’s relentless hunt for Right-Wing Extremism”

  1. So disgusted with the indoctrination/brainwashing/ propaganda Instruments of the whole Corporatist/Banker Cartel and their Minions. Just one ‘False Flag’ after another; nothing more than ‘Dark Age Crooked Aristocrats and their Crooked Clerics’ packed in the dank corners of their torture chambers shivering in terror of ‘The People’ WAKING to their LYING, ROBBERY, and MURDER for over a century. We The People are aware of how they’ve PLAYED US to REGAIN the United States for imperialist Monarchy of England and their global colonization and CONTROL. Trump’s victory and DELAY OF THE ‘New World Order’ PLANS created such RAGE, evil was out of control and EXPOSED ITSELF. Pretty certain Gates/Soros/Obama ARE the SHADOW behind the UNELECTED, senile, seditious, Pedophile installed into the Oval. Following eight years spent placing TRAITORS to ‘The Constitution of the United States’ in positions of power in the U.N., Global Govts., Alphabet Agencies, endless NGO’s, the Arab World, Israel and the Vatican it is certainly them; however, they and the Clintons are simply Lieutenants of the Bush Crime Syndicate as the leadership of the Trilateral Commission. ALL chaos and crises is welcomed by evil and it doesn’t grasp it is THIS REASON ABOVE ALL OTHERS ALLOWING ‘Citizen Patriots’ to see through the dense fog once and for all time. Once the truth is seen, it can’t be UNSEEN. We must PRAY FOR COURSAGE, HONOR, INTEGRITY and WISDOM TO FIGHT THIS PRESENT DARKNESS EVEN IF IT REQUIRES OUR BLOOD AND OUR LIVES. The future of our progeny depends upon us as directed by the most Holy Lord our God. The NEXT iteration of the United States of America will be FAR more mature and wise to the machinations of the Predators and will grow to be the real ‘City on the Hill’ the Founding Fathers foresaw it to become. In God and his Holy Forces, we pray and trust to lead the War to vanquish this irredeemable, damned enemy of all creation.

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