France: Gen. Christian Blanchon “The Unvaccinated are Super-Heroes”

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5 thoughts on “France: Gen. Christian Blanchon “The Unvaccinated are Super-Heroes””

  1. Please, Mr General, glorify only God in Heaven, not men in earth. «We are unworthy servants. We have done our duty.» (Lc 17,10)

    1. Few unvaxed would think of themselves as being super heroes and as you say are just doing their duty. The phrase suggests to me that the General is rallying the younger generation to reassure them that there are men on earth with influence who support them. The younger generation could well be thinking otherwise and who would blame them.

  2. Thanks for publishing this remarkable news of some time ago.

    It is a welcome recognition of those daughters and sons of God who stood and stand up vs the wef and connected diabolical
    groups of lowlives.

    With the above comment I disagree: every person in the world has to make a choice ‘whom he/she will serve’……..
    God or satan.

  3. Also heroes: the Republicans Jennifer Ruth Green, who’s having been sexually assaulted was abused by a competitor to smear her, despite her being the VICTIM of that assault!
    And fellow Republican Lee Zeldin’s daughters who while doing their homework at home, acted perfectly while shooting was going on in their neighborhood.

    Both stories are on Foxnews.

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