Agenda 2030 requires that the Globalist bankrupt nearly everyone

Editor’s Note: Vernon is always pessimistic, but in this post he points at the problem most are ignoring, though in an overly simplistic fashion, because the Globalists do not have complete control of the supply of necessities. So even if they attempt to collapse the distribution chain, free enterprise can recreate it. If you have lived through the Cold War, you already have the practice of keeping a month’s worth of food in storage. And if you buy sales, then you are already doing this to save money. Just extend and expand your good habit until this Globalist crisis passes, in the next 10-20 years. Use your coldest darkest part of your residence for storage, and save money by turning the heat off in a room to create one, if you do not have one.

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9 thoughts on “Agenda 2030 requires that the Globalist bankrupt nearly everyone”

  1. Bailout’s will continue until they are ready to collapse the system. Then bailin’s will strip the remaining wealth to implement their 2030 agenda.

    1. What people do not realize is that, the psychopaths in political power having pulled off the scamdemic with impunity (killing perhaps 5.5. billion in the next 10 years) are perfectly capable of passing a law zeroing the bank accounts of everyone, in the name of saving the planet….

  2. Please define “necessities” ? After all, given our brainwashing and western lifestyle, “a luxury once enjoyed has become a necessity. I imagine preppers, Franciscans, and Amish share much in common, but exactly what I am not sure. The average American has what,400 dollars in the bank?

    Navigating and executing all of this seems practically speaking impossible for most subyrban and urban believers and often seems counter to the Gospels exhortation to observe the birds of the air and how God takes care of them. The strongest most coherent case seems to be the monastic option, similar to the Irish monks who preserved civilization. That, too, is difficult as you know from personal experience. Plus, one would need very expensive weapons for its defense. I have a hard time seeing a way out without a jumpstart miracle such as mentioned at Garabandal.
    And even then, doesn’t an approved apparition say the living will envy the dead?

    1. The food necessary to stay alive. Get also a reverse osmosis water filtration system, just in case they start poisoning the drinking water or rain water.

      1. Yes, as only the H20 molecule is supposed to get thru. mRNA is extremely large, and larger still are the nanoparticles which carry it.

    2. If young families become desperate, they can go to mum and dad or grandma and grandad and all will struggle through. When no one has money, only a tyrannical government will save you…not.

  3. They are trying to kill of free enterprise as well.
    with idiotic climate laws, for instance.
    And much higher energy prices.

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