5 thoughts on “Investors fined PayPal $6.5 Billion for attempted threat against Misinformation”

  1. Happy to hear this.
    Maybe — just maybe — it will make Pay Pal (and similar outfits) think twice about trying this stunt again.

    1. Maybe, but what is being done is that the customers are fleeing to other platforms, which are controlled also by the Rothschilds. So its only caged mice fleeing a failed trap into other traps which they do not yet recognize as such. Alas, those of us doing a counter-Globalist narrative, since there are still too few who realize their threat, depend upon electronic payments. Slowly the people are waking up, and that means that voices which have no independent financing, like FromRome.info, will soon go silent forever. FromRome.info no longer is supported by its general readers. Donations from a very few are keeping it alive. And I am seriously planning to shut it down by the end of the year, lest I go indebit them so much that I cannot rely on them in the future. It’s been a good apostolate, but the times have changed.

  2. Get GabPay and promote it on your site Brother. PayPal canceled him last year so the founder created his own.

    1. Gab, Rumble, Parler are all controlled by the Globalists. Parler was founded by a Skull and Bones agent. Rumble got its stock sold by the Rothschilds brokerage. And Gab founder thinks that Christianity is not opposed to voting Masonic Parties. In addition, as a Greek why did he renounce the Orthodox Faith? Gab banned AJ a few years back for EXPOSING TWITTER!



      This is not surprising, since Torba was a registered DEMOCRAT before Trump (DEMOCRAT) ran on the Republican ticket. See a pattern here?

      Why block AJ — well the founder’s partner is a Turk, and the Turks hate all organizations which recognize the Armenian Genocide and defend Christians.

      If you want to do GabTv, you have to pay. Who pays? RT the Russian propaganda Publisher, which also pays Rumble.

      1. Also understand that Torba is a die-hard globalist…

        “In April 2022, Torba offered Elon Musk a board seat along with equity in Gab in exchange for Musk selling his Twitter shares and investing $2 billion into Gab. This came after Musk sent Twitter an offer to buy the entire company for $43 billion.[137] Also in April, Torba made another offer to Musk, saying “What we are missing at the moment is an ISP. I fear that the next big leap of censorship is at the ISP level, with ISP’s blocking access to Gab.com. You solve that problem with Starlink. Together we can build infrastructure for a free speech internet.” (Wikipedia)



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