Pope Benedict XVI declares the Apostolic See Impeded

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo


In an extraordinary turn of events, last Thursday, October 6, 2022, the vigil of Our Lady of Victories, just as Don Alessandro Minutella was preparing his evening talk, on the Radio Domina Nostra, it appears that the Holy Father has anticipated his request to declare the Apostolic See impeded.

This declaration follows the Holy Father’s statements, that he is still the Pope, that he never abdicated and that he retains the Petrine Mandate. All of which Andrea Cionci has openly demonstrated in the newspapers of Italy during the last two years, WITHOUT anyone refuting him on the evidence. And now his book, “The Ratzinger Code”, is a best seller in Italy, and available in English on Amazon.

The occasion was the personal message he sent to the Scholars assembled by the Pope Benedict XVI Foundation for the presentation of a book by Piergiorgio Odifreddi, entitled, “In cammino alla ricerca della Verità. Lettere e colloqui con Benedetto XVI” (Rizzoli, 2022) (English translation: “On the road to search for the Truth. Letters and Colloquies with Benedict XVI”.

At the beginning of the discourse, for the 2.5 hour conferences (Visible on Video Here), Archbishop Georg Ganswein, the personal secretary of the Holy Father gave a brief but cryptic introduction, which I will relate in English, below, the Italian transcription of which you can read at Andrea Cionci’s article, here.

His intervention began at 2:31 into this 2.5 hour video.

Before speaking the Archbishop asks if he should open with an official customary salute of all the persons present — the Rector of LUMSA University responds, he can do it cordially, informally — to which the Archbishop says he will do it in a Catholic manner.

The Archbishop Georg Ganswein, dressed as a priest, not an Archbishop, and without the pectoral cross, says:

Before I came here, I prayed with Pope Benedict – as every Catholic priest does it – vespers. And then I spoke about the book, and first of all, of those invited or those presenters. (that is, of those Scholars who will give talks during the conference — ed.)

Pope Benedict told me, first of all: “Don’t give an official salute, salute them personally in my name and say to everyone: ‘I have not merited this illustrious list of presenters’.  I said to him: “Holy Father, if I say this they will not believe me, but I will obey.”; (Pope Benedict continued) “Either believe or do not believe, if you do not believe, read, either Jeremiah or Isaiah. I will not say which verse or which chapter, but there is the response “.

Now, even in Italian, this sort of introduction is remarkable for its idiosyncratic format.  Yes, it is known that the Archbishop is a conservative, and may have simply wanted to emphasize that he prays the Divine Office with the Holy Father at the canonical hours, as all priests should. But it is also clear that he is conveying a personal message given by the Holy Father.

So, as Andrea Cionci has done the other day, a closer look at the first phrase will notice a remarkable grammatical structure, which taken syntactically according to the rules of the Italian language means to day, “I have just prayed Vespers with Pope Benedict XVI, as all Catholic priests do.” FULL STOP.

But such an affirmation makes no sense unless all Catholic priests should regard Pope Benedict XVI as the true and only Roman Pontiff, since all priests are to pray in communion with the Vicar of Christ, not with a pope emeritus.

But this is not all.

In the second expression, where the Archbishop is asked to salute the assembly of scholars as illustrious persons (a thing which Cionci in his article explains is nonsensical since they are either all of very bad moral or academic reputations or are persons who have insulted Pope Benedict XVI in the past), the Archbishop objects that no one will believe him if he communicates such a message. (That is, no one who is following Vatican affairs closely).

And then the Holy Father says,

“Either believe or do not believe, if you do not believe, read, either Jeremiah or Isaiah. I will not say which verse or which chapter, but there is the response “.

Here, if you know anything about Scripture, you have to experience a shock. Because, there is an exact parallel in the Book of Jeremiah, where Saint Jeremiah, the prophet sends his personal secretary, Saint Baruch (Feast Day Sept. 28) — who was not a high priest — to convey his message to the corrupt clergy and nobility of Jerusalem, of his own day. Jeremiah had been imprisoned by the King, the High Priests and the nobility and scribes who were all opposed to Jeremiah for preaching that Jerusalem would be destroyed if they allied with worldly powers: but only be saved if they remained faithful to the true God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. So he sends his secretary to deliver his most important message to them.

And since he is impeded, he cannot say what he really thinks of these scholars who have taken over the Pope Benedict XVI foundation are are using its massive funds to promote Bergoglianism. It’s a total ruination of his intellectual legacy, far worse than ripping up the vineyard of German’s grapes which he himself had planted at Castle Gandolfo at the beginning of his pontificate. It is a spiteful, hatred, in your face, kind of thing. And so he chooses to leave a cryptic message for those who are truly listening to him and appreciate his words: those in communion with him, who pray Vespers with him!

The biblical passage is an exact situational parallel for the moment of sending his own personal secretary, an Archbishop — But not dressed as an archbishop or high priest — to speak to the nobility and scholars of the Roman Church. So it cannot be brushed aside as a coincidence. Moreover, this address was given on the 9th day after the Feast of St. Baruch. So we simply cannot ignore to consider it as the verse indicated by the text and context of the Holy Father’s personal catholic message to everyone.

And in that message, Jeremiah says these amazing words in chapter 36:5: first in Hebrew, then in Greek, Italian and English.

IN THE HEBREW ORIGINAL (read right-to-left):

In the Greek Translation used by the Apostles (read left-to-right):

In Italian:

5 Quindi Geremia ordinò a Baruc: «Io ne sono impedito e non posso andare nel tempio del Signore. 6 Andrai dunque tu a leggere, nel rotolo che hai scritto sotto la mia dettatura,

In English (My translation from the Italian, which is the translation used by the Holy Father):

5 Then Jeremiah ordered Baruch: “I AM IMPEDED and cannot go into the temple of the Lord. 6. You, therefore, shall go to READ, in the scroll that you have written under my dictation, …

If it were not for the nearly exact super-imposition of circumstances, I would say that it is a mere coincidence, but there is no OTHER passage in Scripture where this expression is found nor is there one in which we have a dignitary sending a secretary to speak to those who are of the party which has imprisoned him.

And I see corroboration in this interpretation, because in 2007, Pope Benedict XVI published a book called, “Jesus of Nazareth, from His Baptism in the Jordan to the Transfiguration”, in which he says, in Father De Souza’s words, written in February of 2007,

“While Elijah personifies hope for the restoration of Israel, Jeremiah is a figure of the Passion, who proclaims the failure of the current form of the Covenant and of the Temple that, so to speak, serves as its guarantee. Of course, he is also the bearer of the promise of a New Covenant that is destined to rise from the ashes. By his suffering, by immersion in the darkness of contradiction, Jeremiah bears this twofold destiny of downfall and renewal in his own life.”

Wow! For Pope Benedict, Jeremiah was the Katechon of the Old Testament in an age of the total apostasy of the Holy City of Jerusalem.  Thus, by referencing Jeremiah and Baruch, in his message delivered by the Archbishop, last week, he is definitively declaring himself to the the sole VICAR OF JESUS CHRIST, who is the defender of the Faith.

But what remains even more of wonderment to me, is how did the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, know how to respond to the Question of Don Minutella which would not be aired for the first time on Youtube FOR ANOTHER 5 HOURS or so?

I am flabbergasted.

I do not know what to say. — I will attempt to understand better the historical context and explain it in an update to this article.

But for now, if the world wants to know that the Holy Father is a prisoner and that the Apostolic See is impeded, he has it from the mouth of the Holy Father, via his personal secretary, in public, in a way that can be understood by all who are listening carefully.

NOTA BENE: In the phrase, “The Apostolic See is impeded”, the words, “Apostolic See” refer to the person of the Roman Pontiff in the exercise of his supreme authority, thus, to say, “I am impeded” as the pope, is the same signification as to say, “The apostolic see is impeded”

UPDATE: I have unconfirmed reports that Don Minutella and the other 7 priests had communicated to the Holy Father their shock at the phone call of Archbishop Ganswein and indicated their desire to have direct communications with him, prior to this conference, where Archbishop Ganswein related the personal message of the Holy Father, which refers to Jeremiah o Isaiah. — It is also possible that Pope Benedict XVI was responding to the Conference at Turin, which concluded on Oct. 6, the day of the above intervention, since that conference discussed Sede impedita and Sede Vacante and Popes emeritus. But the signification would be the same.

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27 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI declares the Apostolic See Impeded”

  1. Shout this from the rooftops.
    Let all readers here re-post this article in every forum where we comment.
    ¡ Jeremiah 36:5 !

    Viva Sancte Papa Benedict !

    1. I believe this message is truly coming from Pope Benedict. God help him and us. Thank you for sharing this with us

  2. Novena to the Holy Ghost….to reveal the true Pope supernaturally….9 days in petition
    ” In name of Fr,Son, Holy Ghost…then humble your soul , then petition Then 9 days Thanksgiving
    . Br Bugnolios readers ….bc this is his focus as extremely inportant. And hes right.

  3. So great that the TRUTH is being revealed to the corners of the earth!
    ( those that have eyes and ears)
    I never doubted that…Bergoglio is the…usurper and jail keeper !

    W BENEDETTO 16!!

    1. I cannot say, nor do I believe there is one, because he says, read either Jeremiah or Isaiah, and in modern languages one understands “or” as the exclusive conjunction not the inclusive optional conjunction.

      1. Cionci’s article in Italian does include the reference to Isaiah beginning with: “But now let’s go to the second Book of the Old Testament quoted by the Pope, that of Isaiah which does not speak of impediment, but reports the word “prisoner” / “prisoners” 14 times.”

  4. Amazing. Inspiring. Revelatory. DEO gratias.
    Jeremias 36: 5 in the Douay Bible is exactly as per the Hebrew original but the enlightening footnotes by Bishop Challoner [1691-1781] are as follows [with my emphasis in capitals]:- “36: 5; ‘Shut up’; Not that the prophet was now in prison; for the contrary appears from verse 19, but that he kept himself shut up, BY REASON OF THE PERSECUTIONS HE HAD LATELY MET WITH. See chapter 26.”
    (In that chapter, the prophet is apprehended and accused by the priests, but discharged by the princes)

  5. Declaration and warning from our Holy Father…

    Then Jeremiah said to Zedekiah, “If I tell you, will you not certainly put me to death? Besides, if I give you advice, you will not listen to me.” But King Zedekiah swore to Jeremiah in secret saying, “As the LORD lives, who made this life for us, surely I will not put you to death nor will I give you over to the hand of these men who are seeking your life.” Then Jeremiah said to Zedekiah, “Thus says the LORD God of hosts, the God of Israel, ‘If you will indeed go out to the officers of the king of Babylon, then you will live, this city will not be burned with fire, and you and your household will survive.” – Jeremiah 38:15-17

    “If You are the Christ, tell us.” Jesus answered, “If I tell you, you will not believe.” – Luke 22:67

    “We are from God; he who knows God listens to us; he who is not from God does not listen to us. By this we know the Spirit of Truth and the spirit of error.” 1 John4:6

  6. Is this always strange and contradictory behavior by Ganzwein just to maintain the physical integrity of Pope Benedict XVI, brother? I think it’s clear now that he knows Ratzinger is a legitimate pope.

    1. I think he does not understand the messages, but that he does obey the Holy Father. I hold this opinion because of the one of his voice in the phone message he left on my cellphone in January of 2020. I do not think faking such emotions is honest, so I conclude they are his own emotions. But none of us but Benedict XVI knows the whole of it. If I thought he were honest and not throwing letters in the trash which he does not like, I would write the Holy Father directly. I have not for all this time.

  7. So, do you think the ever-enigmatic figure of the sometimes-Abp-sometimes-monsignor Ganswein threw Don Minutella’s letter into the trash? Might one send a letter with proof-of-receipt postage, at least to reduce speculation about these things? If this way of sending a letter has been mentioned by you, Don M, or Cionci, i have missed it.

  8. In conjunction of the fact that Benedict XVI understands Jeremiah as a type of himself (Benedict XVI, that is) and that Jeremiah’s imprisonment is a type of Benedict XVI’s imprisonment, we need to understand that the entire book of Jeremiah is a figure of the end time struggle between the true Vicar of Christ (Benedict XVI) and the False Prophet (BerGOGlio).

    The Book of Jeremiah is very careful to lay out a timeline of events. The timelines is announced consistently in the form of “in the [X] year of .” In Jeremiah, the key starting dates are are: 1) the July 1988 excommunications of the SSPX bishops, 2) the April 2005 beginning of the pontificate of Benedict XVI, or 3) the usurpation of the Papacy by BerGOGlio in March of 2013. All three periods end in 2027/2028. If you read the dates with that in mind, you will understand that we are in either “the Ninth Year” or “the Tenth Year” of “the captivity of Jehoiachin”/”the reign of Sedecias” which is the same as either “the Eighteen Year” or the “Seventeenth Year of Nabuchadonosor”. Jehoiachin symbolizes Benedict XVI in his role as Bishop of Rome. Sedecias symbolizes BerGOGlio, the usurper. Read Jeremiah (Douay-Rheims) to understand how the prophecies end. The “seven and thirtieth year” (37th year) is from July 1988. To understand who Ewal-Merodach refers to you need to read the Book of Esther. The allusion is to that book and the events discussed in Esther. The events of the 37th year is referring to either 2024 or 2025. The same timeline is discussed in more detail in the Book of Ezechiel. The key thing to understand is that all Biblical end time prophecies will be fulfilled by 2028.

    1. A year later, 2029, it will be 100 years since the Apparition at Tuy when Our Lady told Sister Lucy of Fatima that God was asking the Pope for the consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, with the Pope ordering all the bishops to make the consecration in union with him, at the same time. Then in 1931 at Rianjo Our Lord expressed to Sister Lucy His displeasure that this had not been done and His warning to His ministers – comparing it to the failure of the Kings of France to consecrate France to His Sacred Heart. 100 years to the day after that request was made, the French Revolution broke out.

      1. Hi Catherine. Actually 13 June 2028 will BEGIN the 100th year (counting days) from the date of the 13 June 1929 Tuy Apparition. See the calculation of the period by clicking the link below:


        Also, look at this version of the Third Secret of Fatima (https://www.traditioninaction.org/Questions/B352_Secret.html)

        Note that the Secret was to be read “announced after Pius XII and before 1960” and “if 69 weeks [change “weeks” to “years” because the Book of Daniel is referring to the Feast of Weeks that happens annually] after this order is announced, Rome continues its abomination, the city will be destroyed.”

        Pius XII died 9 October 1958. The Second Vatican Council was announced on 25 January 1959 by John XXIII. The Third Secret was not announced “before 1960.”

        So “after 69 years” from the starting point of 1959 will be 2028. So this is time span ends at the same time, 2028, that the Tuy Apparition ends.

        To recap, all periods approximately around 2028, depending on how “a year” is calculated:

        Tuy apparition (June 1929): 100th year.
        Third Secret ordered to be announced (1959): 70th year.
        Lefebvre Excommunications (July 1988): 40 years.
        Benedict XVI papacy beginning (April 2005): 23 years.
        BerGOGlio antipapacy beginning (March 2013): 15 years.

  9. Dear brother in Christ, all this reminds me of Jesus, when crowned with thorns, his hands tied, he looked everywhere in search of souls who had come for him, but with eyes full of tears he did not see no one who came for his defense, that is to say that there was only His Blessed Mother, Mary Magdalene and John who were there… abandoned and alone from the rest of all those who had received so much good. With a heart filled with bitterness, in excruciating pain, he saw himself going to death, abandoned by His children.
    My heart is heavy, because I know that no one will come to Pope Benedict XVI’s aid. However, if it was their own brother, their friend, their co-worker, we would hear about it everywhere on the net and humanitarian fundraisers would already be in process. No one will want to help Pope Benedict XVI.
    They are all so insensitive, indifferent! When God will show them what they could have done good, they will be horrified. I have a heavy heart and I have known for a long time that he is suffering, that he is struggling with all this unhealthy demon-possessed people that surround the one that doesn’t love God, who do not accept Jesus death on Cross, and that they are preparing the coming of the antichrist, personified… the impious. The exterminator…
    Be blessed a thousand times for all your work. May Jesus and Mary be loved with all hearts.

  10. Dear Br. Bugnolo, may God bless you 1000 times. I give praise to God the Most High, through our Lord Jesus Christ, for letting us know all the informations you have reported, my heart seeks only the Truth. I have used google translate (pardon me if there are some mistakes, hope not). Here, very humbly, my reasoning leads to being able to strongly believe that this “Warning” (because for me it is a warning) will precede the departure of the Pope from Rome. Accordingly, I believe that God, in His Great Mercy, grants His people one more chance to return to Him, before punishing the earth, as already prophesied several times by Our Lady (especially Akita). The book of « La Salette » mentions Isaiah (you will see below).

    I believe the event can be brought about directly by God Himself to His people. I also believe that it is quite plausible, and even licit, to hold this event in direct connection with Jeremiah 36 as you have made the link so well (I read passages from Jeremiah, I thought I read somewhere that we would try to find him after (Jeremie), but he would be hidden – I can’t find it anymore). And that this does not exclude other possible “answers”, which I outline below, that can be united with the one you have so lovingly found. Maybe this will give you other tools, if they are useful for you, given your role in the world, for the whole Church. Everything for the Glory of God and the salvation of souls.

    May Jesus & Mary be loved with all hearts!
    * * * * *
    (ALL of the followings are from quotes (not from me) – in continuation from what you found):

    (Pope Pius X: )
    . Pius X (Joseph Sarto) – shortly before his death had anguished, murmured: “I see the Russians in Genoa”. “I saw one of my successors of the SAME NAME fleeing over the bodies of his brothers. He will go somewhere, and after a brief respite he will die a cruel death.

    (in the book « The Secret of Mélanie Calvat – to Abbé Combe » : )
    . La Salette is more than a private revelation. Never, since the apostles, has Heaven said: YOU WILL PASS IT ON TO ALL MY PEOPLE. The Salette revelation is for the instruction and sanctification of the whole Church, not just individuals. This is the great news, said the Beautiful Lady: it is the Apocalypse of Mary.

    . In Chapter XXIV of Isaiah, we see that the clarity is such that they agree so well with La Salette, details, signs indicate so well the time when these things will take place… Isaiah prophesied the same crimes , the same misfortunes for the world. The best interpreters of Sacred Scripture (Saint Jerome, Saint Amboise… say that this chapter predicts the universal felons of the end times).

    . AT LA SALETTE, Our Lady says that the Pope no longer leaves Rome! She does not say that he does not leave Rome! / May he not leave Rome after 1859! First of all, he wouldn’t go in anymore, he would be prevented from going in. You can remove a crown from the tiara; but let him always be bishop of this city. As long as he is there, although no longer king, not governing, we cannot put another “Let him not come out anymore!” »

    (Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich : )
    . I saw the Pope in prayer; he was surrounded by fake friends who often did the opposite of what he said.
    . I saw the Holy Father in great tribulation and great anguish affecting the Church. I saw him very much surrounded by betrayals.
    . They want to take away the pasture that is his! They want to impose one that delivers everything to the enemies! (then seized with anger, I raised my fist and said) Rascals of Germans! Wait ! You will not succeed! The pastor is on a rock! You priests, you don’t move! You are sleeping and the sheepfold is burning at every end! You do nothing ! Oh, how you will mourn that one day!
    . The Betrayed Pope: I saw that in certain cases of extreme distress, he (the Pope) has visions and apparitions.
    . I then saw that when they introduced the bishop in the way they had proposed; he was an intruder, introduced against the will of the Pope and that he did not legitimately possess spiritual authority.
    . Before the Book with the 7 Seals was opened: “Now the Pope was not in the Church, he was hidden »

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