CANADA: New Alberta Premier pledges to end radical Scamdemic discrimination

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4 thoughts on “CANADA: New Alberta Premier pledges to end radical Scamdemic discrimination”

  1. Is this the “pressure release” mechanism that’s been mentionedto on how the followers of the evil one want to manage it while working on the next phase?

    1. Yes. Otherwise, she would announce her intentions to prosecute every last collaborator in this attempted coup d’etat of Canada.

  2. You can tell that they all follow the masters wishes, Left or Right, when they refuse to prosecute the culprits, so that when they do the same thing but in a different format, when they decide to shift power, they will not be prosecuted themselves. Just look at the USA in at least the last five administrations. They refuse to prosecute each other.

  3. ‘The Pressure Release’ mechanism has been in action for a while now. Expect it for a few more months and they’ll again ATTACK. Can’t wait allow it for too long or any advances made towards the ‘New World Order’ by way of negative stress and terror will have been wasted. Attack will be worse next time around. Successive Approximations is as effective with humans as Pavlov’s Dogs.

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