Legal Assistance Fund for Br. Bugnolo

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I am loathe to ask for help, but sometimes the expenses are so great, since I have no income, my regular supporters’ help does not match the expenses.

And so it is now that I am involved in several legal controversies.

I had mentioned my recent persecution in Spain, Here and Here. And I thank all those who wrote to the Ambassadors of Spain or to their own Ambassadors at Madrid. So far I have not heard anything. I am still be denied the right to appoint a barrister to represent me in court, on Nov. 21. I do not know how to get out of this legal predicament.

But back in May 1, 2021, I was held against my will and assaulted by a group of as many as 16 police officers for the “crime” of praying the Our Father in public in front of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, the oldest church dedicated to the Mother of Jesus Christ, in all the world. It was midnight, and the Scamdemic curfew said we could not gather in public places if we were endangering the health. We were at sufficient distance, but our prayers were interrupted and a group of 8 were assaulted or harassed by the Municipal Police of Rome. I personally was detained in the piazza from 12:20 A. M. till about 5:30 A. M.. — I have reason to think that the Marxist Mayor of Rome was the one who sicked the police on me.

You can see more about that here. My friends caught the whole thing on video, so the police in question have no leg to stand on in court.

So in consequence I filed a criminal complaint against all the police, which was so devastating that the police at Rome now see me and pretend I am not there. And the prosecutor’s office which received the denunciation was supposed to have investigated my complaint.

But now the office says they want to archive the complaint as unactionable, which is surely unfounded, since some key witnesses they never even interviewed, in violation of the proper norms. So I have to oppose their motion in court, and the office won’t give me a copy of the documents without paying 1500 euros! — The lawyer’s fees will be another 500, for a total of 2000 euros.

That I do not have, and so I am opening a Legal Assistance fund to help me defend the civil rights of everyone against such police-sanitary tyranny. These donations are tax-deductible in the USA if you use an itemized deduction scheme on your return.

If you can help, however so little, that will help me in my apostolate for civil rights, a great deal. I thank you in advance.

UPDATE: MANY THANKS to the readers and friends of FromRome.Info for having reached THIS GOAL in 48 hours. — As I expect further expenses on account of the legal action in Spain, I will leave this donation button active. But be at peace that for the present, enough has been already donated for the costs of filing an opposition brief here at Rome.

Alas, the non-profit which assists me has only PayPal as a means to receive payments.

FOR FULL DISCLOSURE: I have also denounced another 12 policemen for violations of my rights in the Piazza del Popolo in October of 2020, but the procurator archived that case, and my pro bono attorney did not want to continue the action. The police stole my US SSN card and made me sit on the cold floor for about 2 hours, calling me a pig. They took me to their station against my will and against the norms of Italian administrative and criminal code. — I am waiting to denounce all 8+ policemen in Santiago de Compostella, but I have a year to do that.  I denounce police for enforcing the scamdemic rules, because this is the only way to create a legal precedent to keep it from happening again.

CREDITS: The featured image is of Santa Maria Maggiore during the daytime.

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7 thoughts on “Legal Assistance Fund for Br. Bugnolo”

  1. Usually, if one has no money, one has still the right to be defended by a lawyer.

    And: any lawyer who reads this, could be so nice to offer her/his help pro Deo, as we say it. (in English it is pro bono)

    International lawyers would be great!

    Question to Brother B.: did you keep a copy of what you filed?
    And you could file a complaint about the effort to charge you 1500,- euro’s for some paperwork.
    It is just a trick to make things more difficult for you.
    Don’t deal with these low level police crooks: address it with the Justice Ministery.

  2. May St Thomas More, patron of Lawyers, oversee your defence. Good St Thomas, Please protect Brother A. in courts of law where he suffers persecution for the sake of the Kingdom? Amen.

  3. At the current exchange rate of 1.03 Euro for one dollar would be 1.454,77 dollars. Have you ever had a secret matching donor offer you a donor match as a way to encourage more small donations and take pressure off the deeper-pocketed donor?

  4. You did nothing wrong, but the secular authorities in Spain are out to get you regardless. They hate Christianity and that’s what you represent to them. Their goal isn’t justice but to punish you. If I were you, I would flee Europe while you can. Once they pass judgement, which they are intent on doing, they will imprison you. Praying to the Lord to deliver you from evil, Brother.

  5. Tomorrow the concept I sent you will be printed and faxed to that

    Have you asked help from dr Jane Ruby?

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